The first night of fan-controlled football didn’t have to wait long for a Johnny Manziel highlight

In the first game of the game on Saturday, Texas Heisman winners A&M and the Cleveland Browns selection spanned almost the entire length of the 50-yard field in the first round

Manziel threw a TD pass on the Zappers’ first run and ran one on the second against the Beasts He had 68 yards in a 48-44 loss

Manziel was replaced in the second half by former Temple player Logan Marchi. When the game ended, Manziel ran out of pads and was wearing a t-shirt

When the interviewer complimented Manziel on his opening run, the Heisman winner reminded him that he was caught from behind on the play

The league involves fans in the game It’s very interactive and there has been a steady flow of comments on the Twitch video The game starts out a little different from the NFL or one of the incarnations of the XFL How about rock, paper, scissors for the coin toss?

The FCF league consists of four weeks of a regular season, one week of a playoff and a championship game

A legendary sandwich shop in Pittsburgh made T a tempting offerJ and Derek Watt regarding brother JJ

One day after his hiring, which caused a big storm, former Iowa strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle has resigned from Jacksonville (…)

Urban Meyer was blown up by the head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance because of his hiring or the controversial former strength trainer from Iowa (…)

TJ Watt used an image made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to let everyone know how he would feel playing with brother J. in (…)

It’s not clear how much worse it can get for the Houston Texans in the Self-inflicted Wounds department, but downright (…)

Twin brothers have formed 13 Pro Bowl selections after playing together at the University of Florida

The turmoil continues with the Houston Texans as Star Defensive Lineman JJ Watt met with team owner Cal McNair and the sides agreed to part ways (…)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, 7-time Super Bowl champion and 5-time MVP, is about to undergo knee surgery

In the coming weeks, sentences like “Generational Outlook” and “Best Since Andrew Luck” will be applied to Clemson quarterback Trevor (…)

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Fan Controlled Football

World News – USA – Johnny Manziel takes first Fan Controlled Football snap for a mind-boggling run