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Baylor put a historic winning streak on the line against Kansas last season in late February, watching her collapse against her boss Big 12 enemy Fast forward one season and the No. 2 Bears witness Deja Vu after her unbeaten run on Saturday evening with a 71:58 defeat against No. 1 ended 17 Jayhawks at Phog Allen Fieldhouse leaving Gonzaga as the last undefeated team in college basketball

The Bears (18-1, 10-1 Big 12) started slowly in both halves and never recovered in the second half against a Kansas team that dominated the boards and the Jayhawks center David McCormack played one big part in that equation, scoring 20 points in an attempt at salvation after a poor effort at the first meeting that Baylor won last month

Kansas (18-8, 12-6 Big 12) has now won six of its last seven games, with only one non-conference game against UTEP on Thursday before the postseason game begins The Jayhawks entered the night as Projected No According to Jerry Palm, CBS Bracketology expert at CBS Sports Bracketology, the win marks a milestone for a program that has had some problems this season

The Bears remain a projected No. 1 seed but slip to No. 3 overall with Michigan taking No. 2 overall in Palm’s projected bracket.The Wolverines improved to 18-1 overall and 13-1 with a win over Indiana on Saturday in the Big Ten as they have won five straight games since returning from a 23-day break between games earlier this month

Baylor still seems to be looking for his rhythm after returning from a 21-day hiatus with a narrow win over a poor Iowa State team on Tuesday’s battles of the bears in that game proved to be an accurate prediction of the problems They faced on Saturday Just like last season, when Baylor put Kansas in a 23-game winning streak in game two, the Jayhawks avoided a sweep and tainted Baylor’s dominance

Baylor fell back 13-6 early in the game, allowing Kansas to start the second half with a 10-3 run. In the first half, the Bears fought back, taking a 30-26 lead at one point at Bei a 4-point game by MaCio Teague they were able to cut their deficit at 12:41 in the second half to 45:42, but never got any closer. Unlike on Tuesday, when Baylor fell back against Iowa State at 32:15, the Bears were able to failing to find their way to victory that has undoubtedly been a reflection of the level of competition and raises questions about how the bears might fare in their last three games

Baylor still has games to go against West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, all of which are well-positioned to earn NCAA tournament bids.There’s no easy game at this stretch that Baylor can get things right with before the off-season begins

When Baylor and Kansas met on Jan. First met January 18 of that season, McCormack averaged 203 points per game over his last three games, which was an offensive breakout for the Mercurial Junior.But when it came time to battle the Bears, McCormack’s hot streak ended, when he scored just six points in a 77-69 Baylor win

He came to redemption in the first half of the second leg, scooping up 14 points on 5-of-5 in the opening frame to put the Jayhawks 33-30 ahead at halftime, despite only pulling down three rebounds, helped McCormack Kansas, physically dominating the game Kansas beat Baylor 48-28 and beat the Bears 42-32

When Jared Butler scored another layup for his first points of the game at 10:14, Baylor’s deficit narrowed to 52-47 and felt like a bucket that could get the Bears top scorer going, but Butler ultimately stayed a non-factor as it ended at a five-point season low The 6-foot-3 Guard averaged 20 points in Baylor’s last six games, following his 30-point breakout in January’s Kansas win over Da As the bears took just five total points from their bench on Saturday, there was simply not enough firepower to fill the goal gap left by Butler

What a night for David McCormack. His 20 points made the difference. Marcus Garrett also threw in 14 points and 7 boards on his senior night

I wish you can only see one camera on our bench now you are having fun 😂

Oddly enough, Baylor only did it three times, compared to 13 KU sales No Dice’s internal dominance was too much for Baylor to overcome

2:23 to play #KUbball through 65-56Garrett, Braun and McCormack all double digits for your Jayhawks

Scott Drew is NOT a fan of the block call at Davion Mitchell, who sent Christian Braun on the line for two FTs made 65-56 Kansas

I’m going to take something wonderful off Baylor to keep his unbeaten season alive here for the last four minutes. 63-52 Kansas Gonzaga could soon be the nation’s last undefeated team

Mitch Lightfoot! 2 buckets and a huge charge since check in you love to see it

Neither team got much from their bench, but Baylor is particularly concerned. Flagler hit an early 3, but has been calm since then. Mayer and Tchamwa Tchatchoua have also been calm

Geez McCormack is up to 20 he was absolutely the difference as KU pretty much dominated the color

Fights in AFHJayhawks plays with 7:25 against Baylor 56-51 McCormack with 20 for #KUbball, followed by Garrett with 11

Play under 🔟 at 5 down walking time ⏰KU 54, BU 49 | 9:37 2H # SicEm 🐻 | #TimeIsNow 🏀 BildTwittercom / xuK11TADM1

MaCio Teague holds Baylor in this game, hits another 3 to make it 54-49. Bears wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his timely buckets here in the second half

I didn’t have Dajuan Harris on my potential hitter list, but his tiny 5-point boost puts Kansas back in the front 50-42 as Teague seemed to change the swing in favor of Baylor

DAJUAN HARRIS 😤He knocks down 5 straight for the Jayhawks! #KUbball 50-42, 11:28 to play ImageTwittercom / whd2VlSB2L

MaCio Teague! Another corner 3 This is 4 point game That set the bears on fire Buckle up, folks 45-42 KU just before the 12 minute mark

The pace has stalled 43-35 KU and neither team scores much. And just as this sentence is typed, Teague knocks down a corner 3 Big shot for Baylor

Soooo, a Matthew Mayer airball takes us to the U16 timeout with Kansas between 41 and 33. Baylor looked sluggish to start the second half, just like at the beginning of the first. Positive for Baylor is that David McCormack finally got one Missed shot

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World News – USA – Kansas vs. Baylor Score, Takeout: No. 2 bears fall for the first time this season, but remains a No. 1 seed