KENOSHA, Wis – Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley announced Tuesday, January 5 that he will not file a criminal complaint against Rusten Sheskey, a white Kenosha police officer who is Jacob Blake, who is black , shot in the back in Kenosha Aug 23, left him paralyzed and sometimes sparked violent protests across the city

The Kenosha County District Attorney on Tuesday, Jan 5 released enhanced video and audio of the moments leading up to the police shooting of Jacob Blake – the evidence that investigators used to establish Blake was armed with a knife

The shooting, captured on video by onlookers, turned the nation’s spotlight on Wisconsin during a summer marked by protests against police brutality and racism, over 250 people were arrested in the days that followed, including the then 17th -year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, a self-proclaimed paramedic with an assault rifle, charged with the fatal shooting of two men and the wounding of a third

The Kenosha County District Attorney on Tuesday, Jan 5 released audio of the 911 call that preceded the police shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23, 2020 (Warning: Contains strong language that some viewers may find offensive)

Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley said Tuesday he had to “refute the plain language made by these officials that they had to fire a gun to defend themselves”” He added, “I don’t think the state could prove that the privilege of self-defense is not available”

Graveley said he gave Blake the news ahead of a press conference to announce the decision

The Kenosha County District Attorney on Tuesday, Jan 5 released audio of the dispatch call to the Kenosha Police prior to the August 2020 shooting of Jacob Blake

“Fortunately, Jacob Blake is alive,” said Graveley. “He is badly injured but he did not die, but this (state) law is an excellent guide to give us our best chance of an independent investigation and prosecution decision The law first requires an investigation by an independent agency, and in this case the Justice Department Criminal Investigation Department is on the scene as soon as possible They cleared the scene and immediately brought the investigative body into this situation a full investigation was carried out – more than 40 hours of squad- Video, hundreds of pages of electronic information, nearly 200 separate law enforcement reports – and nearly 1500 pages of police reports So this was clearly a dramatically comprehensive investigation “

Jacob Blake’s family held a press conference on Tuesday, January 5, discussing the decision not to prosecute Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey in the August 2020 shooting of Blake

Attorney Ben Crump and co-advisor Patrick A Salvi II and B’Ivory LaMarr issued the following statement regarding Kenosha District Attorney Michael Gravely’s decision not to indict the officers involved in the August shooting of Jacob Blake who paralyzed him:

“We are very disappointed with the decision by Kenosha District Attorney Michael Gravely not to indict the officers involved in this terrible shooting. We believe this decision is a failure not only of Jacob and his family, but also of the community that protested and justice demanded

“Officer Sheskey’s actions sparked outrage and approval across the country, but the district attorney’s decision not to charge the officer who shot Jacob in the back several times and did not paralyze him further destroys trust in our judicial system Sends the Wrong Message to Police Officers Across the Country It is said that it is okay for the police to abuse their power and ruthlessly shoot their gun, thus destroying the life of someone trying to protect their children

“This is not the news we hoped for, but our work is not done and hope is not lost It is our duty now to fight for justice on behalf of Jacob and the countless other black men and women, who are victims of racial injustice and police brutality in this country, we will continue to advance a civil lawsuit and fight for systemic changes in policing and transparency at all levels

“We urge Americans to continue to raise their voices in this emotional time and call for change in a peaceful and positive way”

It was clear that the city of Kenosha was preparing for a decision before Tuesday. On Monday evening, the Joint Council of Kenosha unanimously approved a resolution declaring an emergency in the city of Kenosha The statement granted to Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian after Notification of the decision by an emergency authority The explanation should take eight days

Most recently GovTony Evers authorized the Wisconsin National Guard to “assist local law enforcement and first responders in Kenosha,” with approximately 500 troops being mobilized

Officer Rusten Sheskey’s shooting of Jacob Blake on Aug. 23, captured on video by viewers, set the nation’s spotlight on Wisconsin during a summer marked by protests against police brutality and racism in the days that followed, more than 250 people were arrested, including Kyle Rittenhouse, then 17 Self-appointed medic with an assault rifle on charges of fatally shooting two men and wounding a third

Blake’s shooting came three months after George Floyd’s death while he was being held by police in Minneapolis That death was captured on video by onlookers and sparked outrage and protests that spread across the United States and beyond The Galvanized Black Lives Matter movement put unequal policing in the spotlight and became a fault line in politics President Donald Trump criticized protesters and aggressively pushed for a law-and-order message to be used in Wisconsin and other swing states

Kenosha, a city of 100000 residents on the Wisconsin-Illinois border, about 60 miles north of Chicago, were prepared for renewed protests ahead of the charges The Kenosha County courthouse was surrounded by concrete barricades and metal fences, and plywood protected many businesses.The Joint Council on Monday evening unanimously approved an emergency resolution giving the mayor the power to impose curfews, among other things, and the Tony Evers government activated 500 National Guard Troops to help

Sheskey was one of the officers responding to a woman who reported her boyfriend shouldn’t be around The cell phone video shows Blake walking to the driver’s door of an SUV while officers follow him with guns drawn and scream As Blake opens the door and leans into the SUV, Sheskey reaches for his shirt from behind and opens fire

The Kenosha Police Union said Blake was armed with a knife and Sheskey ordered him to drop it several times, but he didn’t want Sheskey’s attorney, Brendan Matthews, said Sheskey shot because Blake got himself with a knife Officer turned to

State investigators only said that officers saw a knife on the floor of the SUV and didn’t say if Blake threatened anyone with it. The officers weren’t equipped with body cameras

Sheskey, 31, has been the subject of five internal investigations since joining the Kenosha division in 2013, including three referrals for crashing his patrol car three times over three years.He has also received 16 awards, letters or formal awards, such as his personnel file shows

During the riots in Kenosha and Kyle Rittenhouse, fires broke out on charges of the murder of two protesters

The state Justice Department investigated the shooting under a state law requiring outside agencies to investigate all incidents involving officials.The department asked former Madison police chief Noble Wray, who is black, to review his results after Graveley hired an outside expert had asked to review the investigation

Rittenhouse, who was one of the armed people who took to the streets of Kenosha during the violence and said he was there to protect companies, has been charged several times, including premeditated murder that the bystander video showed Rittenhouse shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounded a third man.Rittenhouse, who is white, has claimed the three men attacked him and he shot in self-defense.Conservatives around the country raised money for his legal team.Rittenhouse was 17 at the time of filming Years old

Kyle Rittenhouse and his attorney will virtually appear in court on Court 5, 2021

Prosecutors dropped a sexual assault charge against Blake in November as part of an agreement in which he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor offenses and was given a two-year probation [/ p>]

Blake’s father led a march through town Monday night urging people to “make noise” and “be heard around the world” “

“(Sheskey) tried to kill my son and could have killed my grandchildren,” said Jacob Blake Sr. said during a press conference prior to the march “He shot him seven times unjustifiably in the back”

The family said it took too long to make a fee decision and the precautionary measures suggest Sheskey will not be charged

“What is the National Guard for?” Jacob Blake Sr said “You are going to deliver mail? Deliver ice cream? What are you here for?”

Tanya McLean, executive director of the Leaders of Kenosha community organization and a friend of the Blake family, said when the march began Monday night that violence is unacceptable

“Whatever the decision, we strive for nonviolence,” she said, “We want everyone to come out and make as much noise as you want, but we don’t want property or business destruction. We are for nonviolence – everything else is not acceptable for this community “

An Illinois teenager who killed two people in street protests in Wisconsin after police shot a black man was expected to make a plea in the case on Tuesday

Jacob Blake

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