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The New York Knicks Make Lots of Mistakes Whether it’s the front office, coaching team, or squad, this is an organization known for its mishaps Up until that point, however, these mishaps were largely related to either basketball or business. Rarely have they ever made it into the realm of fashion until today

The Knicks will debut Saturday’s home game against the Philadelphia 76ers with their new City Edition uniforms This apparently led to a malfunction of the evening eagle-eye fans noticed early on that both Mitchell Robinson and Reggie Bullock had the same No. Had 23 on the back of their jerseys

This is unusual on several levels. Obviously only one player per team can wear a certain uniform number. These numbers finally exist to identify the players. Robinson is the kink that the No. 23 Bullock normally carries No. 25, and this is where it gets more complicated: he was still on Saturday. Bullock’s shirt had number 23 on the back and number 25 on the front. Eventually, the officials realized what was going on and let Bullock leave the game to change shirts

The Knicks Reggie Bullock had number 25 on the front of his jersey, but number 23 on the back.Both he and the referee had a laugh 😅 BildTwittercom / RABuhsv9TX

The Knicks have generally acted as a competent NBA organization since hiring Leon Rose as president of basketball operations, their young players have looked good so far this season, and the future in New York is better than it has been in quite some time But apparently the Knicks will always find a way to Knicks no matter how good things look for the team

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Knicks, Sixers, 76ers versus Knicks, 76ers

World News – USA – Knicks’ Reggie Bullock, Mitchell Robinson accidentally wear the same uniform number in the game against 76ers