In the film, both Kristen and Annie will portray two women named Star and Barb.Actor Jamie Dornan will star in Edgar Wiig and Mumolo not only starred in the film, but also wrote the script for The film Comedy is directed by Josh Greenbaum

The film is an American comedy that tells the story of two women who seek adventure after leaving their small town for the first time Published February 2021

In an interview with Today, Kristen said the seeds were planted for Barb and Star many years ago, adding that she and Annie were interested in middle-aged women who looked very much alike with large wigs, and Annie Mumolo congratulated her co- Star Jamie Dornan by saying it was a “dream to watch” while doing somersaults and rolling in the beach sand “He was just such a game for everything,” she added

Actor Kristen Wiig was last seen in Wonder Woman 1984, in which actor Gal Gadot also starred. Annie Mumolo was last seen in the American comedy-mystery series Mapleworth Murders

Kristen Wiig

World News – USA – Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo meet again for new comedy film