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When LeBron James plays badly in a playoff game, it feels like a cruel April Fool’s joke

In honor of the 1 April, also known as the day I told my mom that she had a spider on her head every year until I was 10, I decided to go over the record books and check out the LeBron James playoffs Performances so bad you’d think it was some kind of cruel joke

Luckily (spoiler alert) there isn’t a single bad game for LeBron James as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers! His 10-point performance in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs against the Portland Trail Blazers last season is the sixth worst playoff game of his career in terms of Basketball Reference Score

However, the Lakers won this game by 23 points, making it the only game in its bottom 10 points in the game score that was a win. It cannot be included in the list

The 2017 Eastern Conference final was decided in a nice old-fashioned gentleman game when the Cleveland Cavaliers took care of the Boston Celtics in five games.This was the Isaiah Thomas-led Celtics, and the Cavaliers were clearly the better basketball team

However, when the Celtics got the best out of the Cavaliers, they really got the best out of them. Boston won Game 3 by three points and the talent gap was so great that LeBron James needed one of the worst playoff games of his career to play to win with an Avery Bradley Summer Beater

LeBron scored 11 points in 4-13 shooting (0-4 out of three) with six assists, six rebounds and six turnovers

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