COLLEGE PARK, Md- After Keegan Murray fired a left-handed shot just before the halftime buzzer and it rolled into the basket at one end of Xfinity Center square, a rush immediately rushed him from the other end to

More than a dozen happy Hawkeye players ran to greet Murray, yelling and poking the chest to express their approval, The slick newbie bank-shot bucket made a clear punctuation mark and in the first half in Iowa although there weren’t any fans here, it almost sounded like a Hawkeye home game outside of the capital

The Hawkeyes in seventh rode their lively bench in a crucial stretch that resulted in an 89-67 win over Maryland. A team not known for their defense seemed to enjoy a good defense to play what turned into a relentless stream of attacks

“If we are able to stop, then get out and run,” said the all-American center Luka Garza, “then we are in top form”

It was the most points Iowa has ever scored against Maryland, and his first Iowa win here since 2017 is now 10-2 overall and 4-1 in the Big Ten Conference, which was number 17 Minnesota on Sunday , which brought the Hawkeyes their only league defeat on Christmas Day in Minneapolis

While Garza dominated as usual, the first star of the game on Thursday was Hawkeye Bank

Coach Fran McCaffery searched for answers early in the first half, demanding two unusual time-outs in the first 5 minutes and 42 seconds of the game. He found the defense in Iowa “too casual” “

“Time out get on them timeout again Okay, we’re making some changes,” McCaffery said, sharing his thought process to join his bank “… I didn’t yell and yell or mock it was,” We need better ” And we got better And then we got better again “

A 19-9 Iowa deficit resulted in a 29-19 Iowa lead Yeah folks, that’s a 20-0 run These don’t usually appear in Big Ten basketball

It started with a Connor McCaffery 3-pointer from the right wing McCaffery only went into play 4:20 for the season from the deep He made the Terps pay for leaving him alone this time, and that proved remarkable – as he would later be the only starter on the ground for much of the run (he also ended his career with 10 assists) p>

Jack Nunge splashed another 3 home within 10 seconds of the start of the game. Nunge also fought from the depths – 4:22 against Thursday – but quietly reduced Maryland’s lead to 19:15, his intoxicating feed to Murray and his watchful setback brought that Result at 19:19

Patrick McCaffery put Iowa in the lead 21:19, an advantage it would not give up. The Redshirt newcomer has scoring opportunities and shows this more and more as the season progresses

Joe Toussaint was cat quick, collecting four steals and six for the game in the first half.He was the biggest disruptor for the Terrapins, who – you understand – didn’t score for 15 direct possessions, they walked 11-0 off the ground and made five turnovers while they went 8:47 in court with no point

A big contribution to the 20-0 run? The bench behind bench Garza noticed the likes of Austin Ash, Nico Hobbs, Michael Baer and Josh Ogundele actively yelling at Iowa’s five players on the court, pointing out where the players were headed in Maryland in a quiet arena at the end of the floor is that helpful

“I have to say a big shot to the bank. You were huge this run,” said Connor McCaffery. “Everyone’s talking. That’s the biggest thing in the zone, where are the people? You know when guys are in the corners, when guys cut off the back door “

He was great, but I don’t have to tell you. He had three dunks in the first half, each of which seemed to bring more thunder. The last, a one-handed on a quick break, put Iowa in the lead at 39:24 on It hard to gauge the impact of his length if you can’t see him in person you will one day. And when his final shot sank at the end of half, Iowa had finished the first half with a run of 35-7, almost like one of the Iowa -Football blowouts last season The celebration followed

“It’s the best feeling in the world as a coach when you see the guys love and encourage the guys who are doing well,” said Fran McCaffery. “” You don’t want guys over there sulking that we just don’t have these guys jumping and screaming and kicking high and banging on the chest In a year when no one is in the stands, I think it’s even more important that your brothers support you like that ”

Fredrick (who scored no goal in 18 minutes) sat in the final of the first half at 2:18 pm through Joe Wieskamp (held on to six points in 16 minutes) also sat most of the time and had no point in the first half McCaffery sent the talented pair a message after a poor early defense when Maryland sizzled into a 7v10 shooting start, these two will be fine in the future, but it’s nice to know they have a good backup

His primary inclination is to play hectic games; This is great for team defense, which we know has to be better for this Iowa team to be Final Four worthy

The bench’s second priority is getting the ball to Garza That’s a good plan too. Garza ended up with 24 points, seven rebounds and four assists on his return to his native Washington, DC., Area

Murray had 12 points and five rebounds in 6v9 shooting.He had a Team Best Plus 30 rating which means Iowa Maryland during the 8:46 pm that he was on the court, Patrick McCaffery outperformed by 30 points, added 10 of his own and was plus-22. He buried a pair of 3-pointers in the second half to put the Terrapins (6-6, 1-5) further away

And if the bank scores, the big guns follow naturally. Jordan Bohannon scored six 3-point points, five in the second half to get 18 points. It is extremely encouraging that this Iowa team is changing from week to week improves rather than declining like some previous Iowa teams did

“That’s the great thing about this team,” said Bohannon. “We have a lot of people who just know their roles. When they come in they do anything to get the win”

This was an Iowa clinic led in the second half with 26 points

When the last horn sounded, there was less screaming and roaring because it had been over for a while

Hawkeyes columnist Chad Leistikow has been reporting on sports for The Des Moines Register, USA TODAY and Iowa City Press-Citizen for 26 years. Follow @ChadLeistikow on Twitter

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