Millions in Texas were still without electricity, while more snow and ice should flow over the south and east in the coming days

People look for warmth in hotels only to find that they are full or have lost electricity.

“It’s pretty bad that we Texans just can’t prepare for the cold – it wouldn’t even have been a problem in any other part of the country.” We lost the power in the house yesterday morning”It got really cold around 2am and then they took out all the blankets. We all tried to sleep together to keep us warm and came to the cars to keep our phones charged. And today when we got up “There was no water” Yesterday morning at 7:55 am the power went out”Rode it out for most of the day I got out because we have two kids keeping them warm and slept here last night hoping the power would come this morning, however we don’t have a real update on when it will come becomes, and our phones barely work ”

Texas remained in the cold grip of winter storms on Wednesday as a fresh Arctic explosion exacerbated an electricity crisis that has forced millions to survive days without electricity and heat

Pipes frozen and burst through the state, and heat centers that were open lost power, icicles hung on kitchen fixtures in Houston, ambulances in San Antonio failed to meet rising demand, and the Galveston coast county government requested refrigerated trucks to move To hold the corpses awaiting them in freezing, powerless houses

On Wednesday, the state faced a new onslaught of sleet and freezing rain that the Austin / San Antonio office of the National Weather Service said “could be the worst of all winter events in the past week near Dallas-Fort Worth.” Snow was falling, and some spots in Texas were expected to take in more than an inch of ice as the new storm broke through, making road travel extremely dangerous

At least 31 people have died across the country since the punishing winter weather started last week, some died in accidents on icy roads, others succumbed to the cold, and others were killed as desperate attempts at heat became fatal “We assume that we when things thaw and people check each other out, there will be more people who didn’t make it through the storm, “said Jason Spencer, a spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office

The power outages were national, with tens of thousands without power in Kentucky, West Virginia and Louisiana, according to PowerOutage, a website that tracks power outages around 160000 people in Oregon were without power on Wednesday morning

But the worst outages were in Texas The Texas Electric Reliability Council, which manages the state’s power grid, said Wednesday that around 700000 households restored electricity overnight, but more than 3 million customers were without electricity by late Wednesday morning

“I understand we live in a less well-kept neighborhood, but we are people like everyone else,” said Justin Chavez, who lived in an unpowered house in San Antonio with his wife and eight children for days. “The city should have been on top What do I pay my taxes for? “

The Houston Mayor’s office tweeted that the blackouts there “would likely last for a few more days”

Austin Energy, which serves the state’s capital, said its customers should be ready to run out of electricity by Wednesday and possibly longer. Austin Mayor Steve Adler had urged residents to be as economical with electricity as possible , hoping to prevent further shutdowns with flashlights and candles if this was possible

“If you have power, please try to live almost the way you don’t,” said Mr Adler said, “If you have heat, let it run out. Let it run lower”

The conservation requests were greeted with grim irony by many on social media, pointing to the sharp line between a still brightly lit downtown Austin and a powerless East Austin, a traditionally black and Hispanic part of town. p>
The exposure exposed the weaknesses of a distressed system and sparked a political battle when lawmakers called for hearings and an investigation by the Electric Reliability Council

Here’s some good news for storm-lashed communities across the US: The brutal weather, which killed at least 31 people, disrupted vaccine distribution, and left millions without electricity, has continued

Now for some more bad news: The Great Plains and Mississippi Valley can experience freezing air by midweek and another winter storm is expected to sweep the south and east over 100 in the next two days Millions of Americans are under some kind of weather-related winter warning, the National Weather Service said

Duke Energy warned its customers in the Carolinas of potential trouble: potentially a million power outages, some of which could last for days. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued a similar warning, asking residents to get their phones charged stop and prepare for the coming snow and ice

The south is already teetering from a rare cold snap. The temperature in Houston on Monday evening was 13 degrees lower than in Houston, Alaska. And Oklahoma’s capital experienced its coldest morning since 1899 on Tuesday

That will stay that way for at least a few more days, the high temperatures this week will likely be 25 to 40 degrees below average in part of the central and southern United States, the Meteorological Service said

Rainfall Will Be More Also By Tuesday morning, nearly three-quarters of the continental United States was covered in snow, the largest recorded amount since a database was created by the National Water Center in 2003, and the forecast predicts even more snow this week , from the Southern Plains to the Mississippi Valley

In central Texas, where many roads are still impassable due to icy conditions, more sleet and snow are expected in the late evening before the storm system moves east

Meteorologists also expect “significant freezing rain” and half an inch of ice build-up from the Gulf Coast to Tennessee By Wednesday afternoon, a long list of winter weather warnings, cues, and clocks was in place

These graphics show the next 3 days of snowfall and ice accumulation potential. A few centimeters of snow have already fallen in the TX panhandle, and 1-2 centimeters more are possible. In the red areas from TX to MS & the Mid-Atl there are swaths of half a length Inch ice possible BildTwittercom / uvxvFI1yFR

After hitting the south, the new storm will sweep through the Ohio Valley, the mid-Atlantic region and the northeast by Wednesday or Thursday, the National Weather Service said parts of Appalachia can receive up to six inches of snow conditions in the The Piedmont region of North Carolina and Virginia could be particularly treacherous and still recovering from an ice storm that polluted freeways and caused power outages as ice-laden trees knocked down electrical lines

“It’s going to be a mess,” said Laura Pagano, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Weather Forecast Center

It won’t be bitterly cold everywhere, but even in places where the snow has subsided – in the deep south and beyond – there may be occasional rain showers and isolated thunderstorms

Further north along the east coast of Washington, DC.From Baltimore to Philadelphia and beyond, there will be snow with sleet and freezing rain from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday, New York and areas in the northeast should see more consistent snow, Ms. Pagano said until the system finds its way offshore, with “lasting effects in the northeast.” until Friday ”

For Texans, the cold weather should last until the weekend, when the region is expected to reach temperatures above freezing

Maps show where freezing temperatures led to power outages after the storm, many in places that were not used to such severe cold

At least 31 people in eight states were killed in the winter storm that hit the United States this week According to the authorities, car accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning were responsible for many of the deaths

In Houston, a woman and girl died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a car stopped in a garage to generate heat, police said A homeless man was also found dead on an overpass and a man who passed in on Monday A median found dead in Midtown Houston was suspected to have died of the extreme cold, said the Harris County Sheriff

A grandmother and three children were killed in a house fire in Sugar Land, Texas, in an unpowered neighborhood early Tuesday.After a spate of weather-related deaths, the Galveston, Texas medical examiner’s office requested a temporary morgue trailer on Tuesday, when the area was entering its third night of cold temperatures

In southern Louisiana, a man died after slipping on the ice and hitting his head A 10-year-old boy died in Tennessee after falling into an icy pond, San Antonio authorities said weather conditions contributed to the death of a 78-year-old man

Slippery roads were responsible for 10 deaths in Kentucky and Texas, including a buildup last week in Fort Worth that involved more than 100 vehicles and killing six people. A man in Mississippi was killed Monday after being Car was overturned on an icy road

A 59-year-old man was killed in Missouri when a snow plow collided with his pickup truck Monday afternoon. Similarly, a man in Cleveland was killed after leaving a snow plow on Tuesday

In Toledo, Ohio, a man plows his driveway with an A on TuesdayTV was hit and killed while driving on the path of an SUV

A person who got out of a vehicle after a car accident in Houston late Monday was also beaten and killed

Four people were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in Oregon over the weekend, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday, although details of the deaths were not disclosed, authorities warned people not to use generators in their homes. p>

On Tuesday, a 39-year-old man was killed and two others injured when the car they were in left the street and hit a street lamp in Edgecliff Village, Texas, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office said Investigators had not ruled out the weather conditions as a possible cause

This week’s weather-related destruction wasn’t just from ice and snow In North Carolina on the coast, a tornado early Tuesday morning killed three people and injured at least ten more, although it was unclear whether it was meteorologically related to the winter storm

As Texas struggles to restore electricity to millions of residents affected by the brutal winter weather, officials are now trying to get clean water

In the past 24 hours, cities and counties across the state have issued a number of advisories about boiling water due to concerns about contamination and low water pressure, with cold temperatures causing pipes to freeze and some households to suffer little or no use have no running water

On Wednesday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that his city would be under the boiling water notice Houston Public Works has urged residents within the city limits not to let their faucets drip to prevent pipes from freezing, as the city’s water system relies on groundwater storage tanks and pumps rather than water towers used by other Harris County communities due to the groundwater system, leaky faucets put more pressure on the pumps, resulting in lower water pressure overall

Officials said they expect the water pressure to improve over the course of Wednesday and hope that the pressure will be back in full working order by the end of the day on Thursday

The boiling water announcements have added to the frustration of some residents who have expressed on social media that they do not even have the strength or electricity to boil water, or that they are completely without water

“Some of the equipment was damaged in that storm,” said Alanna Reed, a Houston Public Works spokeswoman, of the city’s storage tanks and pumps. “I know many other cities are telling them to drain the taps, but Houston is very different because we don’t have these water towers ”

Other cities across the state are urging residents to rely on boiled or bottled water for consumption in Houston, Ms. Reed said Wednesday the city is working with some vendors to provide the public with bottled water (Many grocery stores across the state have moved to limited hours due to power outages)

Numerous areas in Harris County, home to nearly 5 million people, have also issued boiling water notices to residents Officials have asked the public to do their best to conserve water to use it for fire fighting and other “life safety items.” “Can be kept

The county homeland security’s & emergency management said in a statement on Twitter Wednesday morning that most of the county had low or no water pressure and that the situation would probably not improve until electricity was fully restored / p>

Other cities across the state are urging residents to rely on boiled or bottled water for consumption in Houston, Ms. Reed said Wednesday the city is working with some vendors to provide the public with bottled water (Many grocery stores across the state have moved to limited hours due to power outages)

Much of the central and southern states of the United States found themselves in an energy crisis this week in which power grids were damaged by icy explosions from Arctic weather. Millions of Americans are without electricity in dangerously cold temperatures

The power outages were most severe in Texas, where nearly three million customers woke up with power outages on Wednesday morning. Tuesday, Gov Greg Abbott called for emergency reform of the Texas Electric Reliability Council, saying the state power grid operator has been far from reliable for the past 48 hours ”

Analysts have begun to identify some key factors behind the Texas grid outages The record breaking cold weather spurred residents to crank up their electric heaters and pushed demand for electricity beyond the worst-case scenarios planned by grid operators

At the same time, many of the state’s gas-fired power plants were shut down in freezing conditions, and some facilities appeared to be fuel-starved as natural gas demand spiked nationwide.Many of the wind turbines in Texas also froze and stopped working, although a minor fraction the problem was

The resulting blackouts forced grid operators in Texas to impose rotating blackouts on households and businesses starting Monday to prevent a wider breakdown of the system, separate regional grids in the Southwest and Midwest are also under serious strain this week

The crisis has highlighted a deeper warning for power systems across the country.Power grids can be designed for a variety of difficult conditions – as long as grid operators can reliably predict the threats ahead. As climate change accelerates, many power grids will be exposed to new and extreme weather events, that go beyond the historical conditions for which these networks were designed and subject the systems to catastrophic failure

Dangerous winter weather has delayed delivery of vaccine doses to New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday This prevented officials between 30000 and 35000 new vaccination appointments could be planned, and made an introduction that was already limited by a limited dose supply more difficult

The problems in New York City, which could extend to suburbs and neighboring states, are due to vaccination efforts being disrupted nationwide, clinics have been closed and shipments have been blocked as flights of snow and ice and highways made dangerously smooth Many of the closings and cancellations have occurred in the south, where the storm hit the hardest Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky canceled or postponed appointments this week

Jeffrey D Zients, President Biden’s coronavirus response coordinator, said Wednesday that the Biden government is pushing governors to extend vaccination sites’ hours after they reopen

“People are working as hard as they can because getting the vaccines into the states and to the vendors is important, but that has an impact on the deliveries,” he said

Mr de Blasio said he didn’t know when the broadcasts would arrive next or what specific weather conditions the broadcasts would growl

“It is obviously a national problem what happens to the weather and it is consuming utilities across the country,” said Mr said de Blasio

In New York City, as elsewhere across the country, demand for vaccinations far exceeds the weekly supply, Mr de Blasio said Wednesday that the city is about $ 30000 doses available and that they could run out by Thursday

“We’re going to run out of what we have now,” he said, “We could be doing hundreds of thousands more every week”

The weather previously caused problems with the city’s vaccination efforts A severe blizzard earlier this month forced city and state officials to postpone appointments by days until driving conditions improved

On Wednesday, Mr de Blasio said the city had prepared for another snowfall on Thursday Forecasts assume an accumulation of about six to seven inches

The power supply at Jenna Kandyce Linch’s McKinney, Texas apartment has been on and off since early Monday morning after her phone lost power and she realized she could not reach the Salvation Army volunteers to take her to a thermal center that she needed to find warmth and started looking for a hotel online to find a room at a local Best Western

But when she arrived to check-in on Monday evening, she found that a water pipe had burst and the hotel was closed.She returned to her cold apartment to wait for the storm alone in the dark

As Texas continues to grapple with power outages and freezing temperatures, the many people in search of warmth and protection have pushed the demand for hotel rooms to levels not seen since the pandemic

Securing a room for the night, however, did not guarantee an escape from the storm’s problems: hotels have lost electricity, food has been difficult to come by, and the staff shortage caused by the pandemic has brought another layer of complications. p>

Calvin Healy, a sales rep who lives in downtown Dallas, said he tried to get a hotel Monday afternoon, “to no avail”

“Every hotel that had electricity on Monday had negative rooms,” he said, noting that many people he knew had fled the Dallas area

Alexandra Spurlock, a nurse who works at a hospital near Austin, was placed overnight with other hospital staff at a nearby hotel to make sure they could make it to their shifts the next day

Ms. Spurlock said the power in the hotel was temporarily out of order on Tuesday. When she woke up around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, it was completely off, “but it stayed warm. She was getting ready for her shift in the dark

Reports of skyrocketing hotel prices, including screenshots of a Wyndham Austin Ramada that advertised rooms for $ 999 a night, have flooded social media and sparked an outcry over price cuts

But no guests were charged the exorbitant rates, a Wyndham Hotels spokesman for & Resorts said in a statement

“Price drops are always an issue we face in the event of a disaster,” said Justin Bragiel, general counsel of the & Lodging Association of the Texas Hotels, a lodging industry attorney who said that during disasters, hotels disable regular pricing systems that the Prices automatically increase when rooms are full

Many hotels have no electricity, no water or both, Mr Bragiel said, struggling to get food.Some have taken in guests only to have to turn them away because the freezer rooms are no longer habitable, he said

As bonfire Arctic weather explodes in the south and central US, power grids are tight and millions of people unaccustomed to the sight of snow are trying to figure out how to stay warm

Some have turned to risky sources of heat, including gas-powered generators, stoves, and even automobiles. At least two people died and about 100 fell ill from carbon monoxide poisoning over a 16-hour period Monday and Tuesday in the Houston area, authorities said / p>

Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, weakness, dizziness, and nausea, according to Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are “asleep or drunk” may develop the disease die before symptoms appear

Carbon monoxide, a by-product of burning fossil fuels, is colorless and odorless and therefore more difficult to detect than other dangerous substances. However, carbon monoxide poisoning is “completely avoidable”, the CD.C. says

The agency has urged people to have working carbon monoxide detectors and warned not to heat homes with a gas stove or burn something in a stove or fireplace that isn’t ventilated

Using charcoal, gasoline-powered engines, or even portable gas storage stoves indoors is also dangerous, according to health and safety officials.They also warn against running generators or cars inside to heat homes

In Houston police said this week that a woman and a girl were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning after a car was left in an attached garage “to generate heat when the power goes out,” a man and a boy were also hospitalized

Four people were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in Oregon over the weekend, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday

Texans grappling with a winter storm that has caused widespread losses of electricity and natural gas now have something else to worry about: how to avoid a scam

The Texas Electric Reliability Council, the operator that manages the flow of electricity to more than 26 million customers, has warned residents of a scam spread on social media asking people to text their home bank account numbers send “Don’t do it! We don’t need any of your information to restore your power supply – we’re working as quickly as possible,” said ERCOT

The Federal Trade Commission, the government agency that prosecutes this type of fraud, says that in almost all cases of human suffering, scammers come up with stories of fake solutions they try to sell to people desperate for money, Housing, health or health even seek love

In 2020 the FTC. received almost 500000 reports of fraudulent fraud, the most widespread type of fraud involving a fraudster pretending to be a person or by a government agency or corporation

People have reported $ 1.2 billion in fraud losses last year, with a median loss of $ 850, it said The main categories of fraud related to Covid-19 and stimulus payments, “which again proves that fraudsters follow the headlines “, so the FTC. said

In Texas, those headlines focused on record temperatures from a winter storm that damaged grid infrastructure and caused demand to surge

The FTC. There are several ways to tell when an unwanted call or email is a scam. Often the caller insists that you act immediately and provide payment methods such as bank transfer B. a gift card or money transfer company, or saying there is a problem or price They also pretend to be from a well-known company or organization

The FTC. advises people to block unwanted calls and text messages and avoid providing personal or financial information

Several animal species were threatened by record temperatures this week in Texas, including about 3500 sea turtles rescued and brought to the relative safety of dry land

In cold temperatures, turtles can fall prey to a condition known as “cold numb” when their body temperatures are so low that they can no longer swim, eat, or even keep their heads above water

“You could put a cold-stunned turtle in half an inch of water and it would drown,” said Wendy Knight, executive director of Sea Turtle Inc., a nonprofit group in South Padre Island, Texas that is helping protect the turtles until they can return to the water

Turtles rescued by humans on beaches or in boats are placed on plastic-covered pallets and allowed to warm for several days at the South Padre Island Convention Center

Other Texas Animals Are Also Affected by Storm A primate sanctuary in North Bexar County reported the cold death of a chimpanzee, several monkeys, lemurs and tropical birds, according to The San Antonio Express-News, and the El Paso Zoo found and rehabilitated a frigate – a kind of sea bird – after she got off course

Ms. Knight said the magnitude of the cold turtle event for sea turtles was the largest in decades and could have an impact on the population, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, five species of sea turtles found in Texas, are listed as “Endangered” or “Endangered” under the Endangered Species Act “

Also at immediate risk are a few dozen turtles housed in the sea turtle headquarters, where most are being rehabilitated for injuries. The facility is nearing its third day of no power

A winter storm brought snow and ice to the US this week, bringing freezing temperatures and rolling power outages to parts of the country unused to severe winter weather

Most late-night hosts took Presidents’ Day week off, but Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel had a rare weather report on Tuesday night

“If you’re watching us from home, the good news is that you have power,” said Mr Said Kimmel

Power Grid in Texas, Greg Abbott

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