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John Roderick, the leader of indie rock group The Long Winters, was dubbed “Bean Dad” by the internet after a tweet teaching his daughter how to open a can of beans went viral on Saturday night Roderick sent a very long thread describing his 9-year-old daughter’s alleged struggle with the functionality of a can opener

“Yesterday my daughter (9) was hungry and I was doing a puzzle, so over my shoulder I said,” Make some baked beans, “the tweet thread begins.” She said, “How? “Like all children, when they want YOU to do it So I said, “Open a can and put it in a pot” She brought the can to me and said, how do you open it? “

After many hours and a lot of finagling, the can was opened. The thread has become a lightning rod on Twitter, as is usual with threads Some say it’s a great way to teach your kid how to use a can opener, others wonder why he didn’t just open the damn can for them

“With a can opener!” I said in disbelief She brought me the can opener and we both stared at it I realized I had never taught her to use it Most cans now have pull tops I felt like a fool What kind of apocalypse dad brings his Kid not learning how to use a manual can opener?!?

I said, “The little device is designed for one thing: open cans Study the parts, study the can, find out what the inventor of the can opener was thinking when he tried to solve this problem” (Der Can opener is also a bottle opener but I explained that part is not relevant)

Eventually she collapsed in a frustrated pile. I said, “Explain the parts, she said,” This little wheel is supposed to cut, these gears turn the wheel, when you turn the handle, this other wheel looks like a gear, it is but not “You couldn’t figure out the clamping step, a key element!

I said, “The tool is appealing, but has no superfluous properties Everything that moves does so for a reason She said: I hate you” I’m sure she thinks she does I said: ” They understand everything except how the tool addresses the can. “She sighed

At that point she said “I don’t want baked beans” and marched away. Apocalypse Dad went into full “The Road” mode! “Honey, none of us will have another bite today until we get into that can of beans. She screamed,” AUGH! ” like Lucy Van Pelt. She read a book for a while

Soon it was back on the can. The top was now all dented, the lip of the can was practically jagged from unsuccessful attempts was aligned The side alignment is very intuitive

Eventually she figured it all out. She had the placement of the tool, she could twist the handle and the can would spin (we were down on the floor at this point) but the “kachunk” of piercing the lid escaped We were still there for six hours We were hungry

Eventually she pressed on it and although it was a misfire, a light went out in her head. Many times during the day she had yelled at me, “My brain is blurry! I can’t think of anything else to try !!! “and I would say,” If your brain isn’t working, trust your hands “

She felt the tool click over the lip of the can I saw it in her hands. By this point, she had devised a little ritual of pointing the tool at the can: start with it on a vertical axis and rotate it horizontally while clamping it in a single movement A choreography

She looked at me expectantly and excitedly. After six hours of trying, you don’t want to express too much hope. Was that still a dead end? The can had gone through hell, the label torn, dented, sharpened and deburred, a veteran of a thousand psychic wars, but she knew

She knew this was an everyday task and a common tool, but also that this was serious business.She knows her father and the stash I put into these things. A more mechanically inclined child might have it in a few Minutes figured out she took the scale into account, but was rightly proud

I’m proud of her too I know I get angry I know this is in some ways educational theater I suffer from a lack of perseverance myself and like all parents through history I try to make up my own mistakes in bringing up mine Child to correct you sees this through

The Long Winters haven’t released an album since 2006. These days Roderick mostly hosts podcasts, including Omnibus with Jeopardy! Champion Ken Jennings

UPDATE: Roderick deleted his Twitter account on Sunday after unearthing old tweets with racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic language on the podcast My Brother, My Brother, & Me – which used a song Roderick wrote for his themed music – announced that they would no longer use Roderick’s music on the show

We appreciate that John let us use one of his songs as a theme for MBMBaM for almost a decade, but his reaction to the situation today is a symbol of a pattern of behavior that contradicts the energy we are trying to get into things bring what we do bring, and so it is time for us to move on

In case you missed Bean Dad aka John Roderick before he deleted his Twitter account, it all started with picTwittercom / KCKRP3099c

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