President Trump will be banned from Facebook and Instagram for at least the next two weeks, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday morning, citing the president’s decision to use his platform to see his actions To tolerate supporters instead of condemning them when they stormed the U Capitol on Wednesday

NEW YORK, NY – Jan. OCTOBER: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about the new Facebook news feature [] at the Paley Center for Media on April 25th October 2019 in New York City Facebook News, appearing in a new dedicated section of the Facebook app, features stories from a variety of publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, as well as other digital-only outlets (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post that Trump will be blocked from these social media platforms until the peaceful change of power is complete and is specifically banned for at least two weeks

“We believe the risk that the president will continue to use our service during this time is just too great,” wrote Zuckerberg, who accused Trump of using the platform to instigate a violent uprising against a democratically elected government ????

Both Facebook and Twitter have moved to suspend Trump’s account for 24 hours and remove posts about Wednesday’s riots

When issuing the block, Twitter warned that future violations of the rules will result in the @ realDonaldTrump account being permanently blocked a ????

When asked whether Trump will also be banned from Twitter, a company spokesman replied that the platform continues to assess the situation in real time, including reviewing on-site activities and what Twitter said ??? and will engage in “further escalation” if necessary

“For the past few years we have allowed President Trump to use our platform according to our own rules, sometimes removing content or flagging his posts if it violates our guidelines”wrote Zuckerberg. We did this because we believe the public has a right to the widest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally differentâ ????

When a crowd of his supporters overwhelmed law enforcement and stormed the Capitol where Congress met to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, Trump made only lukewarm statements advocating peaceful protests rather than violence A few hours after the occupation, the president released a minute-long video message telling his supporters that he “understood” Their pain and why they fought what it claimed was a rigged choice but eventually advised them to go home

“I know your pain, I know that you are hurt We had a choice that was stolen from us”Trump said in the video message posted on social media,” Go home, we love you, you are very special”â ????

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood was finally suspended from Twitter on Wednesday after proposing the storming of the US Capitol was staged

“Lin Wood” attorney closely associated with Trump “Permanently banned from Twitter after alleging the siege of the Capitol was” staged “????” ???? (Forbes)

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World news – USA – Mark Zuckerberg blows up Trump and announces an unlimited ban on the President’s Facebook and Instagram accounts