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Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett exchanged words after the Browns won a playoff spot and playoff rematch against the Steelers with a 24:22 win next week

Rudolph and Garrett were embroiled in an altercation towards the end of Cleveland’s 2019 win over Pittsburgh.Rudolph was fined 50 for his role in the fightGarrett was fined more than 45 dollarsOccupied $ 000 and had to miss the Browns’ last six games of the 2019 season, but it seems, based on Rudolph’s post-game tweet, the two players made it up to it

“Forwards and upwards,” wrote Rudolph on Twitter after the game and posted a photo of himself with Garrett

after the game

“Myles came over and said ‘good game’ in the aftermath,” Rudolph told reporters, “That was all it was. I told him ‘good luck’ and have great respect for him”

Both players had previously expressed a desire to make up after last year’s clash, Garrett told COM’s ClevelandMary Kay Cabot in September that he would like to sit down with Rudolph to “move forward and just make better men.” and being a soccer player and not letting something like that happen again”” Rudolph was asked if he was open to having this conversation

“Nice to hear Myles,” said Rudolph of ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, “If he wants to approach me, he wants to talk”

Garrett, who said he had openly considered retiring during his suspension, finally decided to continue his career, partly because he didn’t want the last picture on a soccer field swinging him with a helmet at Rudolph’s

“I just don’t want a grudge,” Garrett said in September. “I don’t have any grudges against [Rudolph] I have no bad intentions against him. It’s not like I have anything against him when I’ve seen him in public or if I saw him in a game and we adjusted I’d just play him like anyone else If I saw him in public I’d just poke my fist and walk away like I was someone on the street see, who I didn’t know personally. I don’t have a problem with that. Except for that night, before this game, and after this game, I don’t think we spoke two words

“And now our fates are forever intertwined, and so I don’t think we should leave it out like this, my opinion is I think we should purify the air so that there are no problems and bad blood between ours Teams and our fans will live the rivalry I think on, but between players it should always be competitive but never go over the line “

While not firing Rudolph on Sunday, Garrett has recorded four tackles and helped Cleveland earn their first playoff spot since 2002. Rudolph played well in the defeat, throwing 315 yards in his first and only start of the 2020 season and two touchdowns

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