Donte DiVincenzo is more motivated than ever as he begins his third season with the Milwaukee Bucks

The past few months have been tumultuous for the 23-year-old as he almost got sold to the Sacramento Kings after his lackluster appearance in the NBA restart against Bogdan Bogdanovic, but the deal failed soon after, and Milwaukee recently gave the guard a sign of confidence by including his fourth year option for the 2021-22 season on Wednesday

With all these factors in mind, DiVincenzo is rightly motivated to bounce back with the team in his third season, especially if he slips into the starting grid and the security guard who takes another positive step in his development becomes the Be key to him and there is a sense of optimism

In a recent poll of The Atheltic ($$) employees, DiVincenzo was mentioned in several categories for the coming season. Despite not being the top nominee, DiVincenzo received votes for the most improved player of the season and for the this year’s breakout player

If you play alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday, DiVincenzo may be a bit of a spotlight even so, with a spot on the starting line-up this season, that talent alongside him should improve his game, and if so yes, he might be ready for a big year

During his rookie campaign, DiVincenzo played in just 27 games, averaging 49 points on 403/265/750 shooting gaps, 24 rebounds, 11 assists and 05 steals in 152 minutes per game. A persistent heel injury kept the promising wing most of the time Season off, including the team’s entire run to the Eastern Conference finals, which positioned him for a sophomore comeback

DiVincenzo made a full recovery and made an immediate impression in his second season He quickly became a permanent fixture in Mike Budenholzer’s rotation.In 66 games, including 24 starts, DiVincenzo averaged 92 points on a 455/336/733 slash, 48 rebounds, 23 assists and 13 steals in 23 minutes per competition p>

The progress from his rookie to season two has been impressive by DiVincenzo, and now many believe he can take a similar leap in the 2020-21 season.If so, that would be a significant boost to the bucks and their title chances

While DiVincenzo has held his own as a stallion on the defensive, the biggest area he can improve is the offensive end, particularly his behind-the-bow shooting in his first two seasons, DiVincenzo is only 31, 8 percent shooter on 35 tries per game what hindered the 3-point-dependent Milwaukee Bucks

DiVincenzo knows how difficult it is to improve your shooting from a distance, as he detailed during his media availability on how his teammates continue to encourage him to shoot:

“For me, it’s just trust. It’s literally just a matter of trust The guys on the team want me to shoot the ball when I’m open So if you miss one or two, just let him fly on the third or the other. Do the right game, just don’t force it ”

The security guard didn’t seem to force it in Milwaukee’s opening season loss to the Boston Celtics, where he shot 4-3 from 3-point territory.This one miss by DiVincenzo resulted in a 55-foot shot to end halftime, and his other three threesomes were notable as he got off to a great start to the night

Shooting from a distance remains the biggest X-factor in Donte DiVincenzo’s game If he can increase his percentage by a few ticks, he could be a game changer this season

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