Lance Waldroup – one of the stars of Discovery’s Moonshiners – died at his North Carolina home last month.The 30-year-old was the last living child of Moonshiner’s co-star Jeff Waldroup and his wife, Lynn

TMZ reports that Waldroup’s mom found his body in bed a few hours after their last conversation. He wasn’t breathing and was pronounced dead in February 25. The TV show confirmed the news with a social media post on Jan. March

“We are saddened to lose Lance Waldroup,” read the Facebook message. “As an adventurous distiller who performed with his father in the early seasons of Moonshiners, Lance was always keen to find his flavourful recipes of shine to raise it to a new level “

Moonshiners started at the end of 2011 with a 10 Season slated for November 2020 The show followed people in the southern US illegally making alcohol.Lance Waldroup was a part of seasons 2-7, as was his father Jeff.A GoFundMe page was set up to help with funeral notes who he retired from the show to take care of his mother, who has multiple sclerosis (MS)

The Robbinsville, N.C.The native was preceded by two siblings who both had cystic fibrosis, Sister Lyndsey died when she was just 11, and Brother Lamar lived to be 20, Lance is said to have been destroyed through the guilt of the survivor, causing him to spend a time turned to drugs long in his life. He had since gotten clean. There was no sign of bad game at the site of his death, but it is being investigated

On Saturday (6 March) a memorial to Lance Waldroup is erected at Cedar Cliff Baptist Church in Robbinsville

Lance Waldroup

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