NCAA kicks Beavers out of the hotel in the middle of the night after the Elite 8 defeat originally occurred at NBC Sports Northwest

The Oregon State Beavers men’s basketball team made an unlikely run that no one saw coming

But on Monday night the Nr12 Beavers fell to the Nr 2 Houston Cougars 67-61 in the Elite 8

The Cinderella story for the beavers came to an end, but it was a valiant effort

You would think the NCAA would do everything possible to ensure that a team like the Beavers are treated like royalty, especially after making the Elite 8

According to Oregonian’s Nick Daschel, the NCAA didn’t have the best parting present for the Beavers after their loss to Houston

Instead of flying the Beavs out the next morning, the NCAA told them to pack up and take a flight back to Eugene at 1:15 a.m.

The NCAA had a nice parting gift for Oregon State. As soon as they got back to the hotel, they were told to pack up and fly back to Eugene at 1:15 AM Everyone had to pack quickly and drive to the airport. The team will arrive on Tuesday at 4 a.m. in Corvallis, not very classy

It really started when the NCAA was destroyed on social media when an image of men against the women’s weight room was distributed to the masses

Then they tried to make it a “distance” problem instead of just telling the truth about the matter

Thankfully it got resolved, but the game was massive and didn’t look good for the NCAA

Then this report came out with the beavers, and the NCAA doesn’t seem to have changed or tried to make things easier for people

It was fun to watch the NCAA tournament and yes, people are glad it’s back

But it’s hard to overlook how the NCAA treats student-athletes at the biggest money event for the entire organization

The beavers didn’t make it through the Elite 8, but they have at least earned some respect from the NCAA after losing them

The Oregon state’s Cinderella postseason run ended in the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament Monday night and fell to Houston (28-3) 67-62 The 12-Seed Beavers (20-13) at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis ) had become big dance favorites when they beat Tennessee, Oklahoma State, and Loyola-Chicago to reach Elite Eight, but the Cougars ended up having a tough matchup difficult to beat Beavers slowly against one of the best goal defenses in the nation and couldn’t find their groove on the offensive end, battling to look good and turning the ball

The state of Oregon has had an incredible run against the Spread, but one bettor believes this will end in the Elite Eight against Houston

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