A murder among the Mormons is indeed something that happens in Netflix’ new documentaries on true crime ???? But, wow, does that undercut the story it tells?

In this whiplash-inducing three-part film, directors Jared Hess and Tyler Measom recount the 1985 Salt Lake City bombings.It is the most recent case to join Netflix’s growing catalog of crimes, but it’s far less well known as for example the notorious murders of Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer or the mysterious death of Elisa Lam in 2013 in Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Those old enough to have seen the coverage of these bombings will remember it as a horrific double homicide that caught the attention of a nation hit by the attacks by Ted Kaczynski, who Back in the 80s, it was still known as the General Unabomber

You may also recall that the two deaths and a third injury, all caused by pipe bombs, were later linked to a plot that betrayed the Mormon Church among other high profile victims and the religious organization in some way A misplaced philosophical tailspin Some may even remember the killer’s name

But for those unfamiliar with this case at all, as, as I would bet most murder among the Mormons, Hess and Measom present a frenzied unit that is best called “Catch Me If You Can” in real life Life Can Be Described meets the Da Vinci Code with fantasy action sequences inspired by Pablo Escobar and featuring the Toyota MR2 Seriously, check out the trailer

It’s a bizarre but gripping approach to the subject that begs one of the more annoying questions in modern true crime: can you “spoil” a real case? even one from 35 years ago?

Murder among the Mormons is an excellent case to be made by presenting its story in strict chronological order and uncovering its secrets with increasing dramatic tension

Consisting of retrospective interviews with detectives, witnesses, and reporters directly involved in the case, as well as news broadcasts and archived police footage, the series guides viewers through every event and reveal as it occurs

The first episode is devoted to identifying the central voices and characters in the case, taking additional time to explain how the Mormon community fits into the investigation, while the second and third episodes recapitulate the crime in that context and analyze them before they are finally identified murderers

It takes less than three hours to get started This is a true crime thriller title, almost overflowing with story cones and red pegs, and never failing to end an episode, even the last, on a thought-provoking cliffhanger (FWIW, you’re better off doing nothing on this show Googling until you’re done) It’s a very effective increase in speed and thematic intensity that is sure to keep viewers sticking to the series, but can occasionally make the sound inappropriately dizzy

The star interview of the show Shannon Flynn â ???? the offender’s former friend wearing a vest, bow tie and pocket watch (let’s call it the best Sunday of the 1930s) â ???? doesn’t make matters any better as he describes the pros and cons of this ingenious but still gruesome crime with a bewildering behavior stuck somewhere between admiration and sadness. In fact, the entire final scene of the series is a sort of “assault declared” – Sequence mostly narrated by Flynn’s comment, a bit of a head scratch

But for better or for worse, this is a true crime thriller title that keeps genre fans talking. Murder Among the Mormons takes on a fascinating case with intriguing imagery that persists and proves that even lesser-known, decades-old events can lead to explosive new stories

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Murder among the Mormons

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