You’ve seen it a million times by now – although it’s probably not getting old, right? Ryan Fitzpatrick, a hand on his face, looked up at the rafters and unfolded a perfect throw down the left sideline before falling into a tangle of bodies at the bottom of the bag. And then, moments later, WR Mack Hollins cradles the ball as he does falling out of the air and falling and out of bounds to position Miami to do the unthinkable

The piece – can we call it the “FitzMiracle”? – helped the Dolphins season grow into age 17 To extend into week, as the team takes a playoff spot for the first time since 2016 And while the Dolphins leave the game in the past and have to concentrate fully on taking care of the business against the Buffalo Bills in week 17 Dolphins fans apologize for indulging in magic all week

But how did such a piece come about? NFL Films’ NFL turning point illuminated Fitzpatrick’s attempt to find out, and for anyone not a Las Vegas Raiders fan, it’s worth the watch:

Fitzpatrick’s experience undoubtedly played a huge role in Miami’s decision to turn to him during the crisis and while there isn’t a lot of experience that would have helped this throw to be more perfect, Fitzpatrick did, who knew what to expect Having certainly helped him be effective in crunch time, Tua Tagovailoa will spend his time in the sun; and with more experience he can hopefully make some magic games like this for himself. And with Fitzpatrick now on the reserve / COVID-19 list, it’s up to Tagovailoa and only Tagovailoa, in week 17 the magic needed for the Dolphins to create for late game

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Ryan Fitzpatrick

World News – US – NFL Turning Point delves into Dolphins’ miraculous Week 16 victory