‘ Boogeyman ‘: Exhuming the bones of a good movie that was in the 2005 Supernatural Creature Feature [you should know]

[Review] “Are you afraid of the dark ?: Curse of the Shadows” releases new boogeyman and gateway chills

[Review] “Are you afraid of the dark ?: Curse of the Shadows” releases new boogeyman and gateway chills

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“Boogeyman”: Exhuming the Bones of a Good Movie That Was in the 2005 Supernatural Creature Feature [you should know]

Superman rocks the black suit and shoots lasers from his eyes in the new teaser “Justice League”

The horror comedy Willys Wonderland starring Nicolas Cage is out tomorrow, Nov. February, on VOD, and a brand new clip today teases Cage’s battle against the evil animatronics

The clip was kindly provided by Digital Spy and it sheds light on the battle between Cage’s The Janitor and a robotic ostrich named Ozzie It proves that nobody can make Cage bleed their own blood No one Check out the clip below and look for the movie on VOD tomorrow!

“The caretaker (Cage) is stranded in a remote town. He can’t pay the repair shop to fix his jeep and agrees to work off his debt by spending the night cleaning up Willy’s wonderland, one abandoned theme park full of animatronic characters that kids once had fun with

“But Willy’s Wonderland has a dark secret that the caretaker is about to discover. He was lured into a deadly trap, or rather a living nightmare, when the animatronic characters of Wonderland were brought to life with the aim of destroying the caretaker fight your way from one monster to another, trying to survive until morning

Emily Tosta, the star of “Party of Five”, plays the rebellious teenage lead in the film by director Kevin Lewis (The Drop), in which Beth Grant (No Land for Old Men), Ric Reitz (The Resident) and starring Chris Warner (Machete) The script was written by GÖ Parsons

Would you like to see #NicolasCage fight a robotic ostrich? Of course you do Check out this exclusive clip from his new movie #WillysWonderland, which is out tomorrow on VOD platformsTwittercom / HQwq2jEoAW

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There is now an official Willy’s Wonderland t-shirt based on the one Nicolas Cage wears in the movie

Willys Wunderland

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