In early February 2021, social media users shared a story posted by a website called Real Raw News that reported without evidence that Florida Gov Ron DeSantis had told US President Joe Biden: “Go for yourself”

It was a quote created in response to the February 10, 2021 news reported by McClatchy that the Biden government was considering travel restrictions within the United States to prevent the spread of more contagious mutations of the COVID-19 virus McClatchy reported:

Biden’s government is considering imposing domestic travel restrictions, including for Florida, as it fears coronavirus mutations could reverse the highly competitive advance on the pandemic

Outbreaks of the new variants – including a highly contagious variant first identified in the UK and others from South Africa and Brazil that scientists fear may evade existing vaccines – urgently need a review of possible US travel restrictions required USA, said a federal official

DeSantis was described in news media coverage as blowing up or attacking the Biden administration in response to the news. And in a February press conference, he made it clear that he was against possible travel restrictions to Florida, calling it “unconstitutional” and declared: “We will be 100% against it”

But there is no evidence that DeSantis berated Biden by telling him to go himself ”

The Real Raw News story detailed a seemingly fictional conference call between DeSantis, Biden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, and Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases at the top of the US. Coronavirus Pandemic Response We found no evidence that such a call took place

No credible news agency has reported what a remarkable and newsworthy exchange between the Florida governor and the president would have been if it had actually taken place

However, DeSantis’ actual reaction to the possibility of new travel restrictions was recorded in the following tweet:

The recent report that the Biden government is considering restricting Floridians’ travel is utterly absurd, especially as Biden allows illegal aliens to pour over our southern border.We will not allow Floridians to be attacked unfairly for political ends ImageTwittercom / h47AVuof50


World News – USA – No, Gov DeSantis didn’t tell Biden ‘Go F — Yourself’