Twitter lost its collective mind on Sunday night when a video of a man who allegedly was former NFL offensive lineman Bruce Campbell went viral at a Walmart

Turns out it wasn’t Bruce Campbell at all That doesn’t make the video any less crazy, though

In the video, the man has â ???? Who is not Campbell? is exposed, points to someone behind the counter and yells “Do something, mother!”

Then a man â ???? smaller than the guy who started the fight? comes out from behind the counter and stands next to him. The instigator throws the first blow, but is quickly outdone by the man behind the counter who hits him on the floor

BREAKING: Ex-Raiders offensive against Bruce Campbell who is involved in an altercation Was hospitalized with a broken jaw Wow #RaiderNation BildTwittercom / EKe9y3jY9q

At some point the man behind the counter hits him so hard that his head hits the aisle of the self-checkout. Then he is thrown on the floor and hit several times in the face

Athletic’s Ted Nguyen, however, breaks the story that the former lineman was the one who got the beating

“That tweet from a troll account who was joking started this whole thing,” Nguyen tweeted. “If you watch the original video he cited as a tweet, there is no reference to Bruce”

Campbell played four NFL seasons as an offensive lineman from 2010 to 2013, two with the Raiders and two with the Carolina Panthers In 2014 he was briefly a member of the Jets, but was cut back before the season started. And again, he wasn’t the man in this video

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Bruce Campbell

World News – USA – No, that wasn’t an ex-NFLer Bruce Campbell getting his ass kicked in Walmart