24 years ago today, the world lost a legend, an icon and one of the most influential figures in the world of hip hop, Notorious BichG

On that day, 24 years ago, the media started buzzing with the news that nobody wanted to hear. Just 6 months after his community mourned Tupac Shakur, shock waves were felt around the world when news of a drive-by shooting occurred The vehicle he was in was stopped at a traffic light when suddenly someone opened fire.Not long after, it was confirmed that he had suffered 4 gunshot wounds and at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center succumbed to his injuries in Los Angeles. He was only 24 years old
Known publicly as Notorious BG or Biggie Smalls, the legend who fell too soon was given the maiden name of Christopher Wallace He was already highly valued as a leader in the world of hip hop and is believed to be the ongoing feud between women rappers at the East and west coast fell victim

The notorious BichG will forever be remembered for his massive hits such as Mo money Mo troubles, hypnotize, been all over the world, Big Poppa, just you and can’t see you He appreciates this ability to fluently and seamlessly weave his lyrics and deliver music that has been revered by the masses, after like His estate continues to make tens of millions of dollars on posthumous publications, merchandise, and more
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We lost The Notorious B 24 years ago today Favorite BIG song? #RIP ❤️ BildTwittercom / Ja5gZvbSSB

Though taken far too soon by his fans, friends and family, his legacy and memory lives on.His music remains the root of inspiration for future artists who take the stage because of his influence

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Notoriously BichG

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