Outriders has reached a healthy number of players – or maybe an extremely unhealthy number of players based on the status of the servers today. Access wasn’t very good when the game started yesterday, but now things seem to be getting worse. Developers are working in mind, but there is still no ETA for a definitive solution

Outriders’ official Twitter account spent most of the day posting about efforts to improve connectivity, including “the mother of all power on and off,” which caused the servers to completely shut down for a short period of time, The Latest Word in that story goes, “While we don’t have a guaranteed solution or ETA yet, we’re working to get you back online asap”

“Unfortunately, we are fully aware of the current server failure”, added studio manager Sebastian Wojciechowski in a message to the account of the developer People Can Fly. “Our partners at Square Enix are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. We really hope you are reviewing the game and not the teething troubles related to server issues. It’s frustrating for you and it’s frustrating for us ”

For the time being, keep an eye on Outriders Twitter and the official server status page for the latest updates

The developers also suggest watching some Outriders videos on YouTube while waiting for the servers to return, but I’d be joking about it Perhaps you would like to read our guides on Outriders Classes or Outriders Farming Locations to make up for lost time while you wait?

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Dustin Bailey
Senior news writer

Published: 2 April 2021

As an American, Dustin enjoys being asked to write about soccer and Cockney rhyme slang, along with PC games, he’s an avid anime and wrestling fan

Outriders server down

World news – USA – Outriders developers are “unfortunately fully aware of the server failure”

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