People Can Fly said they are aware of the server issues that are preventing Outriders players from staying in the game

Gabe Gurwin
on 2 April 2021 at 1:31 p.m. PDT

If you’re having trouble connecting or staying in a Outriders game, it’s not just you, and the issue requires a major outage to be fixed.Developer People Can Fly has confirmed the game has server issues Since an online connection is required in all modes, solo players cannot enjoy this even at the moment. The studio urged players to put up with this and not judge the game based on these “teething problems” “

Heads up – we are aware of server problems and are investigating them! Please keep https: // t in Augeco / RctdYwAXHg

We are still investigating server issues, some players may be able to get back online but this is not guaranteed – we will update you here as soon as the issue is finally resolved! https: // tco / cdXYMLGeeP

In a follow-up tweet, People Can Fly said that some players could continue the game but it wasn’t “guaranteed” yet. Issues are still being fixed. The official status page lists a “major outage” that is The team later announced that all servers were deliberately taken offline for a short period of time to resolve issues and fix them properly

We are in the process of doing the mother of all power on and off, this will take all servers offline for a short time, due to the complete failure, we can restore and restore the server infrastructure to bring it back to a healthy and stable state https: / / tco / EgPgcKu1Io

Recent server problems have affected some of us here at GameSpot, although after a little persistence we were finally able to jump in. Other problems since the game launched on Jan. April are the stuck on the login screen – which can be resolved by waiting a few minutes – as well as an interrupted crossplay. The latter function currently works between different consoles, but not between PC and consoles

People Can Fly studio manager Sebastian Wojciechowski apologized for the ongoing problems in a tweet, saying that the developer, in conjunction with Square Enix, is “trying to fix the problem as soon as possible,” adding: ” As developers who have worked really hard over the past 5 years to make this game great, we really hope that you are judging the game, and not the teething related to server issues, it’s frustrating to you and it’s frustrating to us Thank you for your interest in Outriders and hope to see you all on Enoch soon “

Xbox Game Pass subscribers may find these issues a little easier to bear because the game was included with the service for free. In the ongoing review of GameSpot’s Outriders, Phil Hornshaw praised the way the game was based on elements of other RPG shooters builds up, as well as the balance between seriousness and humor

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Outriders Servers Down

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