Stephania Bell breaks off Patrick Mahomes’ toe injury and how well he should recover from the operation (1:50)

KANSAS CITY, Mon – The Kansas City Chiefs tried to downplay Patrick Mahomes’ injury during the playoffs The fact that he will be operated on for turf toe on Wednesday highlights a bigger problem than they imagined

“We can conclude that there was major damage that led to some instability because Mahomes was being operated on,” said Stephania Bell, physical therapist and injury analyst at ESPN. “But when it comes to the extent of tissue damage, we don’t know and the surgeon probably won’t know until he can go in and look at it “

So what does Mahomes see in the next few months? With the help of Bell, we answer some of the most common questions about injury:

What is turf toe? Lawn toes are an injury to the ligaments at the base of the big toe. As with many injuries, there are degrees of variation and one player’s lawn toe is not like another

Not all players need surgery for the injury. It’s no surprise that Mahomes does. In the playoffs, he wore a shoe that was half the size of normal.In it the Chiefs placed a carbon fiber shaft to limit the expansion of the toe / p>

“It depends on the severity,” Bell said. “There are so many minor turf toe injuries that we hear say the same thing, but it’s like a sliding scale and when you get into a certain realm, there are there are clinical determinants of why you choose to have surgery “

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Bucs 31, Chiefs 9
• Brady, defense leads Bucs to victory »
• Chiefs dynasty delayed by loss »
• Mahome’s quest put on hold »

How much time will Mahomes be missing? Mahomes is expected to miss most, if not all, of the Chiefs’ off-season work, but is full by the start of training camp

“Usually it’s a month of no weight loading and then they usually put on a boot, which means they can put some weight on it, but not push it,” Bell said. “Everything is progress from there but depends on that Healing from

“Assuming there are no surprises or setbacks, I expect he’s ready for the start of the season”

Who will perform the operation? The operation is being performed in Green Bay by Robert Anderson, a senior foot and ankle surgeon who has operated on many NFL players, one of whom was recipient Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons, who had surgery in 2017

“Obviously he’s playing a different position,” Bell said, “But when someone has a high demand on rejection it’s a broad receiver like Julio Jones The fact that he got back and played well is encouraging”

How serious is turf toe? However, not all players recover from turf toe like Jones. Deion Sanders retired due to persistent turf toe issues

“People don’t appreciate how a toe can cause so many restrictions,” Bell said. “But when you think about it, all of your body weight goes through the big toe before it leaves the floor. It’s not nothing”

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