PHILADELPHIA, PA – 5 JANUARY: Zach Ertz # 86 of the Philadelphia Eagles leaves the field after the NFC Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field on Jan. January 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

The final game of the NFL regular season had what it takes to be a classic, but quickly became a mockery thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles and head coach Doug Pederson’s decision to pull quarterback Jalen Hurts in favor of backup Nate Sudfeld third stringer started looking like he wasn’t even in the league

While Pederson claimed he wanted to win the game, everyone knows that his only motive was to get the Eagles’ draft point, so he donated the NFC East Crown to Washington after the Giants fought hard to win it had to beat Dallas in the early slate and put themselves in a position to win it and thus host a playoff game

The move was an incredible detriment to the rest of Philadelphia’s squad, who were actually fighting to win the game. And what about some of their veterans with expiring contracts that clearly don’t fit into their rebuilding plans? Did they really want their respective Eagles terms to end?

Of course not, and it all proves the Patriots need to save Zach Ertz from that national embarrassment.The 30-year-old stallion was spotted alone on the bench after the game and has probably come to terms with it, like his last game with Philly could have been

Ertz did everything for the Eagles and the City of Philadelphia, with a chance to play against a Spoiler Division rival, and his shameless coach robbed him of that opportunity by playing a nationally televised game that had a colossal impact on the playoffs threw

To put it simply, the three-time pro bowler has to end up on a team where winning, not drafting position and politics, is the top priority. We know the Patriots fell short of expectations in 2020, but we do wouldn’t expect them to be lagging too long with the number of roster upgrades they plan in the off-season

Carson Wentz, Jason Kelce and Zach Ertz are all out on the field together one last timeTwittercom / GxSMuvFxzp

New England has gaping holes on the wide receiver and narrow end, and Ertz would go a long way in mending those injuries and a terrible quarterback game really made this year a lost year for him, but he is undoubtedly still one of the best players in his position

Over the past three campaigns, Ertz averaged 926 receptions for 9,676 yards and 73 touchdowns.Not many recipients are able to produce that kind of consistency, and the Patriots really should stop at nothing to make a deal for him as soon as the off-season is over

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