Any other selection Sunday we’d make a big fuss of the programs that were dropped from the 68-team field had to go through the reading and wine process with the bracket showing on their television screens


Yes, that’s exactly what the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee says for the top four teams that are out of the field, there is still a slim chance of making it this year, this year only during the pandemic

The NCAA has Louisville, Colorado State, St Louis and Mississippi as potential replacements if teams in the original field cannot play due to a COVID-19 outbreak

There will be no reseeding or change in the parenthesis, so there is a chance that one of the proxies could fill the slots as needed by a Tuesday night appointment.A team that shouldn’t be dancing could potentially have a top seed get how crazy does that sound?

Even crazier would be teams advancing on non-competitions if COVID knocks down their opponent It already happened in the ACC tournament with Duke and Virginia and paved the way for Georgia Tech to win the conference tournament and play a bid stealer role / p>

The Cavaliers, the No. of the ACC tournament 1 Seed had to cancel its semi-final game against the Yellow Jackets on Friday due to a positive COVID-19 test that occurred 24 hours after a last-second victory

Fortunately, Virginia coach Tony Bennett, who cut the nets in Minneapolis for the final NCAA title game in 2019, said his team will be in quarantine until Thursday and travel to Indiana on Friday before playing the next day

All members of each team’s travel party are required to test negative for coronavirus for seven consecutive days before traveling to Indiana, where the entire March Madness event is taking place this year.By reducing the size of your travel party, the risks are reduced This is how the Gophers avoided COVID taking breaks throughout the season

Only five players must be healthy to play in this tournament, said Dan Gavitt, senior vice president of basketball for the NCAA

“It was fair for a team that had a great season and earned their way to play in this tournament Even if they were to be compromised in some way, having these five players should still give them the opportunity”To compete rather than be replaced,” Gavitt told reporters

It would be just another chapter in an unprecedented season if a college basketball team with only five or six healthy players advanced to the Final Four

What if a virus breaks out and multiple teams are thrown out of the bubble? The first substitute team to compete in the NCAA tournament is Louisville. Next comes the state of Colorado, led by Minneapolis-based coach Niko Medved and former Breck star David Roddy

Louisville once looked good to stay away from the bladder with a no conference win over Kentucky and a season change over Duke. But those blue blood cells weren’t worthy of NCAA tournaments

What Hurts Switches Between Louisville and St Louis had long COVID breaks this season, however, the Cardinals had two including 19 days in February The Billikens only played 10 conference games in St Louis reportedly had 33 days between games and 11 players tested positive during the season
After the selection was made, NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Chairman Mitch Barnhart said they are seriously considering taking breaks, but ultimately judging teams by the games they could play, starting a potentially unusual year of dancing

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