After a serious fire fighting accident on her family’s ranch, the pioneer star’s nephew, Ree Drummond, is now in critical condition

While this is undoubtedly a earth-shaking moment in her life, Ree has yet to officially speak about it. So what exactly happened at the Oklahoma ranch that caused your nephew’s accident, and what are the current details of his condition? Here is a breakdown

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, which relayed information to local news channel News over 6, 21-year-old Caleb Drummond and 52-year-old Ladd Drummond were involved in a head-on collision at the family ranch in Pawhuska

The two each drove their own vehicles to tackle a fire on the property and due to a mix of grass and gravel thrown around in high winds, they collided head-on in a family field while Ladd saw little to no injuries suffered, that can’t be said for Caleb the younger Drummond was ejected about 70 feet from his truck, resulting in massive injuries

Caleb was immediately rushed to a local hospital, but his wounds are still quite damaging, with combined head, core, arm and leg injuries, the pioneer’s nephew has been classified as in critical condition and is currently under emergency treatment

According to local police, Caleb was not wearing seat belts when the vehicles collided, which clearly played a major role in getting him so far from the scene on impact

In addition, investigators found that Ladd’s fire truck was not even fitted with a seat belt, despite not having sustained any injuries, according to reports, the vehicles colliding on either side of the driver, another clue as to why the younger Drummond was so badly injured in the accident became

Alex, Paige, Bryce, Todd, and Jamar Drummond are Ree’s pride and joy. Their children are at the center of her and Ladd’s lives, and that makes her famous on both her TV show and blog

Alex, 23, is the oldest of the couple and an integral part of the family With a degree from Texas A&M University and a fiancé, she still has an affinity with the family farm and even wed there in May!

Next is Paige, the couple’s 21-year-old daughter. A student at the University of Arkansas, she is an avid snowboarder and an active member of Greek life on her school campus

Bryce, the couple’s oldest son at 18, is a little crazy after graduating from high school a full semester early! A longtime soccer player, Bryce recently started attending the University of North Texas to join the soccer program. Although Bryce loves his sporting activities, he makes it clear how special he still is working on the family ranch

Next up is her foster son Jamar Jamar and Bryce are lovers of fishing and stevia-sweetened root beer Just a month away from each other (both 18 years old), they actually played high school soccer together. Over the years, the family show viewers and readers of Ree’s blog have learned the important role Jamar has played in the lives of the Drummond family / p>

Todd, the youngest child, aged 17, is the “baby” of the family but still, funnily enough, taller than even his oldest sisters Todd is another soccer fan who follows in the footsteps as a high school quarterback his older brother kicks He also loves wrestling. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, hanging out with friends and playing with the family’s dogs

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