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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

There are blowouts and then there is everything the Toronto Raptors just did to the Golden State Warriors In 48 of the most one-sided minutes in NBA history, the Raptors defeated the Warriors 130-77 and the bottom line doesn’t do the Raptors justice in one Quarter led Toronto with only one after three? They led with 53. Within 24 minutes they managed to outperform the Warriors by 52 points, or around 2 points per minute

The Third Quarter Was Particularly Humble For five years, the Warriors were the best team in the third quarter in NBA history In their first five years at the helm of Steve Kerr, they outperformed opponents by a total of 1 in the third quarter640 points The Raptors surpassed them in this frame with 46 to 14 points

Open your record books, readers, because a lot of NBA history was written in the blowout:

The Raptors left when they were 17 NBA’s best point differential at minus 28 comes into play NBA’s best point differential at plus-25 Despite their record of 19-30, the Raptors have a better point differential than the 29-18 Portland Trail Blazer. They are still sitting 15 games behind the Chicago Bulls for last place in the Eastern Conference

As for the warriors? They Deserve A Little Break Stephen Curry and Draymond Green both missed that game, and with Klay Thompson already out for the season, the Warriors have been unable to handle additional absences

“We just got destroyed Not much to say,” Kerr stated after the “Humiliating For All Involved” game The Warriors now lead the Sacramento Kings by half a game for the final box office of the Western Conference

This has been a frustrating season for the Raptors since it started in December COVID-19 restrictions have forced them to play in Tampa Bay Lost depth of the forecourt, health issues and bad luck in the clutch have their place in it The head of the Eastern Conference cost mainstay Norman Powell traded, and team legend Kyle Lowry was almost moved, too.But for one night in April, the Raptors looked like a competitor again. They dealt an all-time blow to Kerr’s understaffed warriors

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World News – USA – Raptors uncork the biggest blowout of the season in destroying Warriors 130-77