For some, The Greatest Showman is the perfect musical for those who don’t necessarily love it.It has the right balance of dialogue to music and allows some people to see Hugh Jackman in a whole new light What, Spoiler alert, most of them welcome, but some are still curious about who actually sings in the film, including Rebecca Ferguson who plays Jenny Lind

Although The Greatest Showman was originally released in 2017, it is still considered a top musical of the time, and most cast members are still revered for their musical and not-so-dramatic roles in the film, if we’re being honest here, there are there is little about The Greatest Showman that is not surprisingly theatrical

Long before she was brought to life on screen as the real opera singer Jenny Lind, Rebecca studied music, in fact, she was a student at Stockholm’s Adolf Fredrik Music School, but when it comes to The Greatest Showman, Rebecca didn’t provide her own singing to portray the opera singer Can you really blame her? Those are some big shoes to fill for pretty much anyone, let alone someone who studied music at a reputable school

Instead, a singer named Loren Allred sings for Rebecca, and her vocals were edited for the actress after she made the film.Loren joined The Voice in 2012 and later hit the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to her song on The Greatest Showman Although she is more of a singer than an actress, it is clear that her chops have brought her quick success

Though Rebecca doesn’t sing in The Greatest Showman, her acting has proven how talented she is where it counts.So much so that she also made Reminiscence with Hugh and shared a photo of herself on Instagram re-recorded a few lines for the 2021 film. She wrote how excited she was to be working with him again, calling him “a hell of a piece of work” “

Before The Greatest Showman, Hugh was known to sing in some of his films But when he was cast in the title role by P. Barnum, many were still concerned about whether or not he had the knack for getting the vocals out and he almost didn’t. Before he wanted to prove his singing skills for the film, Hugh had an operation on the inside of his nose that he shouldn’t sing, otherwise he could risk tearing the stitches and injuring his face

So, while advocating his singing first, he eventually let go of his own and of course people were excited it was decided that Hugh would sing his own lines on The Greatest Showman, and Wolverine was proving there was little what he can’t do

And even though Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t sing lines of her own in the film, she’s still considered one of the movie’s top talents There’s a reason people are still talking about her years after she was released

The Greatest Showman

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