UPDATE at 3:13 pm PST on Jan 13, 2021: Rep Newhouse posted his remarks on the floor of the house on social media

“The President took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies at home and abroad. There was a domestic threat at the door of the Capitol last week and he did nothing to prevent it,” said Rep Said Newhouse “Therefore, with a heavy heart and with clear determination, I will vote yes to these impeachment proceedings”

WASHINGTON – During President Trump’s first impeachment, Representative Dan Newhouse said the House Democrats failed to come up with a convincing case or convince the American people of a criminal offense – but he doesn’t believe it the second time

Newhouse, who represents the Tri-Cities and Yakima in Congress, said Wednesday morning he plans to vote “yes” on the latest impeachment proceedings after the Uprising in the U. Capitol accused President Trump of inciting

“Last week, hateful and un-American extremists stormed the US. Capitol, which attacks both the structural embodiment of our republic and the values ​​we promote as citizens of this great nation.This violent mob, intent on disrupting the constitutional duties of Congress, resulted in the tragic loss of American lives, including a US. Capitol Policeman The mob was ignited by the language and misinformation of the President of the United States

This is a crucial and solemn moment in the history of our country, I wholeheartedly believe that our nation – and the system of government on which it was founded – could be in danger if we do not face this opportunity is not a decision I make lightly

A vote against this impeachment is a vote to confirm the unacceptable violence we have witnessed in the capital of our nation.It is also a vote to condone the inaction of President Trump, he neither strongly condemned nor condemned the attack Reinforcements requested when our officers were overwhelmed Our country needs a leader and President Trump has failed to take his oath of office

Newhouse represents Washington’s 4th Congressional District, which includes Douglas, Okanogan, Grant, Yakima, Franklin, Benton, and Adams counties

Legislators are currently meeting to discuss President Donald Trump’s second impeachment from office here for live coverage

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