Rep Lauren Boebert (R-Colo) slams critics who ridiculed her for her background at the Zoom conference

Boebert virtually appeared on Thursday at a House Natural Resources Committee meeting where she was sitting on a bookshelf in her home in front of a weapons display

According to Business Insider, critics mocked the new legislature for the “unsafe” storage of the guns, but they protested by saying, “These are ready-to-use”

During Thursday’s meeting, Boebert proposed the House Natural Resources Committee’s rule to ban firearms in his hearing room

“This rule is absurd and discriminatory,” she said during the Zoom appeal, “This is an obvious violation of our constitutional rights”

She also asked the committee to give out her “personal security detail” if the committee insisted on obeying the rule

“I would like to request personal security details at this point, which the chair will pay for himself when I enter the committee room,” she said. “If this is passed the chair will attempt to take responsibility for my personal safety while he is my rights under the second amendment touches “

The outlet reported, “A 1967 ordinance allows Congressmen to store weapons in their offices and move them around the Capitol Complex. However, there are some executions, including on the floor of the House and Senate. In recent weeks, Republican lawmakers have Including Boebert, who touted the regulation and opposed what they see as restrictions “

A Democratic spokesman told the point of sale: “As for us, we are not doing anything new here. We are adjusting the existing policy”

“Here’s the reality: if anyone wants a shrine to their gun fetish as a zoom backdrop in their private life, they can. But this is our listening room and at some point we will overcome the COVID epidemic and we will all show up in person and ours Safety and our ability to do business civilly without feeling threatened unfortunately play an important role, “he said during the hearing

Rep Jason Crow (D-Colo) – a US. Veteran – Boebert also blasted for the display

“Let’s call it what it is – a political stunt I never stacked guns on a bookshelf during the war, much less on a zoom in my living room. If you’re not on patrol in Afghanistan this is the way to go, to store a gun, “Crow said in a tweet with a picture of a gun safe

On Twitter, Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif) added, “I always thought my dirty dishes were stacked and bacteria buildup was the most dangerous thing in a zoom background”

The move met with significant criticism elsewhere on social media, where Boebert shot back a commenter looking for her for “unsafe weapon storage” “

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Lauren Boebert

World News – USA – Rep. Lauren Boebert replies to criticism that guns are displayed in the background of the zoom call: “These are ready for use”