WASHINGTON, DC. (WJZ) – The FBI and Metropolitan Police Department are searching for information related to the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Wednesday A reward of up to $ 1 will be made available for information leading to the arrest of the suspects$ 000 granted

Acting metropolitan police chief Robert Contee said photos of the rioters had been shared with hotels, businesses and regional airport authorities in the area

“As we speak, we have members of the Metropolitan Police Department who run the hotels, businesses, etc. Search the area trying to identify some of these people who may still be settling in our city, “Contee said during a press conference on Thursday

The FBI Washington Field Office announced that it had a reward of 50For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for planting a suspected pipe bomb found on Wednesday

#FBIWFO offers a reward of up to 50$ 000 for information leading to the location and arrests the & conviction of the person (s) responsible for the pipe bombs found in DC in January 6 https: // tco / q9pdw6Rnoy picTwittercom / aQ7Vz4uydO

Dr Jeffrey Davis, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, said it was important to track down the suspects

“Whenever such an attack on a democratic process, government institution, or vulnerable public servant such as we have considered vulnerable takes place, it is important to hold them accountable,” said Davis. “Otherwise it will just go on”

“I think this is one of the crimes that could be charged here and that criminalizes not only trying to overthrow the government, but delaying the violent execution of federal law or taking possession of federal property by force, and it seems clear that this has happened, ”he said

Just before 3 p.m., a violent mob stormed the Capitol while lawmakers worked to confirm the results of the US Presidential Election Trump supporters’ group was there for a Save America rally It was just hours after President Donald Trump addressed a crowd of protesters at the ellipse

“The violence and destruction of property in the US. The Capitol building yesterday showed an obvious and appalling disregard for our government institutions and the orderly management of the democratic process, “said FBI Director Christopher Wray.” As we have consistently said, we do not tolerate violent agitators and extremists under the guise of those protected by the First Amendment Activities trigger violence and wreak havoc”Such behavior betrays the values ​​of our democracy. Make no mistake: with our partners we will hold those who took part in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol to justice”

According to an FBI press release, they accept “tips and digital media depicting unrest and violence in the United States” Capitol Building and vicinity in Washington, DC.at 6 January 2021 ”

“If you have witnessed unlawful acts of violence, we urge you to submit any information, photos or videos that may be relevant to fbigov / USCapitol,” states the press release “Please use this form to submit pictures, Submit videos or other multimedia files that you have committed in connection with possible violations of federal law. Our aim is to uphold the public’s constitutional right to protest by protecting everyone from violence and other criminal activity ”

Those who wish to report information to the FBI can also call the 1-800-CALL-FBI to verbally report tips and / or information about this investigation. You can also call MPD at 202-727-9099 or SMS at 50411 send information can be provided anonymously

The sanctimonious voice of the mainstream media can be seen in EVERY article referring to yesterday’s DC event How many times will we repeat or hear the term “violent mob”? Watch every MSM point of sale use this term over and over in their way of trying to program hatred against anyone who isn’t on their side Funny that this phrase wasn’t used to denote the attacks on the police that was burning down of cities, the attacks on shopkeepers and drivers, the destruction of neighborhoods or the vandalism of countless statues in the last 4 years to the left of it was “peaceful protest” Now we stand with these two, the Mumbling Idiot and the Cackling Witch, before the real fall of our country. Biden is out within 6 months for one reason or another and the Dems will finally have their dream team made: Harris / Pelosi

So what would you name a large group of people who attack &, injure police officers, break into and demolish a building and force its rightful inmates to quit their jobs and flee?

They attacked & police on destroyed property … Shall we use another word because they were white? The problem wasn’t Trump’s white nationalist “rally,” but what they did afterward was not a peaceful, legitimate gathering

Unfortunately, this was a false flag from the corrupt FBI and the Capitol Police. They actually escorted busloads of Antifa and to the Capitol, filming patriots identified as “Antifa” and trying to stop their violence. Now the FBI is offering a reward ? We have anti-fascist facial recognition. Why isn’t the FBI going after them? Because Soros / Pelosi / Dems paid them to riot the swamp identifies itself the longer it takes Half of DC. must be arrested: DC. Mayor, Pelosi, Cap Police, FBI who planted their own bombs and then found them; The police murdered a woman in cold blood, no accident! This is a coup by the Dems who cheated the elections and are still afraid that Trump will arrest them Well, watch out, it’s coming!

Uh ………… This mob went there from the Trump rally Antifa had nothing to do with it It was all people from the Trump rally caught on cameras all over DC and walking from the Trump rally to the Capitol after he told them

Use logic that nobody knew beforehand (except maybe a Trump speechwriter) Trump said: “We’re going down to the Capitol”, which even he hadn’t planned in advance. It wasn’t funny in any of the rally ads that “we” didn’t include him, he went straight back to his secure bunker in the White House to see him on TV

BTW, Pelosi has a great alibi, it’s called C Span, the House and Senate are on camera all day and a lot of people can vouch for where they have all been sat next to Pence LOL and why would a Democrat want to quit To confirm Biden as the winner? Trumpers wanted to stop, not Democrats, not Antifa!

Almost every inch of DC is on camera as the footage is being reviewed by law enforcement officers It was all Trumpers How would anyone but them have known what was going to happen that day? Nobody is stupid enough to believe any nonsense Trump said let’s go and so they went ………

There’s a photo of a pipe bomb suspect. Does this look like 5’5 “80 year old Nancy Pelosi, who was sitting next to Mike Pence when she was brought to you?


World News – USA – Reward Offered As FBI, DC Police Seek Public Help To Identify Pro-Trump Rioters Who Incited US Capitol

Source: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2021/01/07/fbi-seeking-publics-help-to-identify-pro-trump-rioters-who-rushed-u-s-capitol/