We can only hope glasses of ice water have been distributed to those lucky enough to be seated in Studio 8H for the Saturday Night Live episode on Saturday night As if Bridgerton’s “Dreamboat Duke” Regé-Jean Page, who poses as an “extremely hot sex man” innkeeper (as Aidy Bryant put it) wasn’t enough, musical guest Bad Bunny has exaggerated things in the hunk department

The 26-year-old Puerto Rican singer (whose non-malicious Leporin name is Benito Antonio MartÃnez Ocasio) made a grand opening and shared the stage with RosalÃa, the 27-year-old singer from Barcelona, ​​Spain Single “La Noche de Anoche” dropped “It’s 663 million Spotify streams on the first day were a record for a Spanish-language song

“La Noche de Anoche” means “Last Night’s Night”, but you hardly need a Spanish-English phrasebook to understand what happens between the two. If this were a Max Fleischer cartoon, we would all, we Look at them on the couch, keep your mouth open and make old, contemporary car horn noises

The song was written jointly by Bad Bunny, RosalÃa, Chris Jeday and Tainy, and the lyrics are about two lovers who tell their first night of intimacy

Fans had a good time responding on social media, as you can imagine

Musical guests who sing in languages ​​other than English are rare at SNL, but not unusual BTS sang in Korean in 2019, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz played “La Tortura” in Spanish in 2005, Luciano Pavarotti sang in Latin in 1998 (!) And the Gipsy Kings sang their Spanish hit “Bamboléo” in 1989. When Queen Ida &, the Bon Temps Zydeco Band performed in 1985, they most likely sang in French, but video evidence is hard to come by. It’s entirely possible that the Pogues during their 1990s St a little Gaelic slipped Patrick’s Day performance; It’s hard to understand exactly what Shane MacGowan is saying

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World news – USA – RosalÃa and Bad Bunny Smolder in a live performance on Saturday evening

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