Warning: Spoilers ahead for the season three premiere of New Amsterdam on NBC entitled “The New Normal” “

New Amsterdam returned to NBC almost a year after the revamped closure of season two for season three, and “The New Normal” revealed how the doctors and nurses in New Amsterdam came up with the occasion during the COVID-19 pandemic To save lives The fight against the pandemic took its toll on everyone and required sacrifices from Max (Ryan Eggold) and coThis forces changes and causes a doctor to turn on a ventilator. The bad news is that Dr Kapoor has signed COVID, but the good news is that the damage to his heart opened the door for the return of a great character who passed away. Welcome back, Dr Reynolds!

Fortunately, New Amsterdam star Ryan Eggold spoke to CinemaBlend about “The New Normal” and previewed the future of season three, including the final scene in which Max Goodwin saw Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims), who left New Amsterdam in season two.Although Eggold initially joked about Sims’ return (see video above), he had only good things to say when he got Sims back in New Amsterdam:

There’s no world where we don’t do the show without Jocko. He’s such a part of the family and Floyd, in terms of Max and Floyd’s relationship, I really love that relationship and it’s one that we only occasionally exploring how once or twice a season it’s not something we get into, but when we do I really enjoy it because Jocko and I like to joke a lot and so I like to bring that kind of camaraderie to the roles , into the characters And I think they have a fun dynamic that I’d really love to explore more, which is just some kind of two pals who can give each other crap. There’s a fun scene this season, I think there is is episode 4 where Max has some fun with Floyd, plays around with him a bit, so I like her dynamic I hope more of it comes out

Jocko Sims left New Amsterdam towards the end of season two when Reynolds left New York to get a job in San Francisco with his fiancée Evie Kapoor suffering heart damage from a pandemic is obviously not a good thing, Reynolds’ return is definitely a silver lining, and Ryan Eggold is clearly thrilled to have him back

Fans not only get the character back and the New Amsterdam characters get their boyfriend back, but Dr Kapoor’s chances of recovery are much better with Reynolds on board to treat him! There’s also no need to fear that Reynolds and Max will only be together in New Amsterdam for an episode or two, as Ryan Eggold confirmed that Jocko Sims will be through at least episode 4 of season 3, stating:

He’s going to stay here a bit, yeah There is no world that Max would let Floyd go, nor would I let Jocko go out of this hospital

The return of Jocko Sims wasn’t announced until the final moments of the season three premiere of New Amsterdam Most of the episode was devoted to portraying the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the hospital and the medical professionals working there. While Max was out to extinguish figurative fires and track down much-needed drugs for the hospital, Bloom realized she was the Missing out on fighting the pandemic in the emergency room and Helen revealed she’s fearful of going back to normal for a period of time with a date with Daniel Dae Kim’s Cassian Shin Ryan Eggold shared what Max had to give up, which will continue to affect him in season three becomes:

One sacrifice Max has made is that he left his daughter Luna with Georgia’s parents and Luna’s grandparents to guard and protect her, but I think she will surely be missed and starting to look at herself and doubting guilt about such as, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Am I protecting her? Am i a bad father ‘I think his relationship with his daughter is really going to be something he wants to rebuild and find out, especially when he’s doing it on his own without Georgia losing his wife and adding that complication I think that’s something with which he’s wrestling in season three

Season premieres are simply not good times for Max Goodwin! Max lost his wife in the season two premiere, and then New Amsterdam revealed in the season three premiere that he had to part with his daughter, at least Luna had somewhere to stay with her family during the pandemic, but there was definitely a heartache when Max literally lost touch with Luna on “The New Normal” during her video call

The season three premiere wasn’t an hour of heartbreak, however, thanks to some fun character moments and some memorable walks down the hallways that were worth laughing at, Ryan Eggold pondered the importance of turning some bright moments into an otherwise include very dark episode from start to finish:

So important in our own lives and on the show Because you know the pandemic and the news and everything is so much to deal with and there is a lot to fight. And so I think it’s important to find ease and humor and Finding joy and connecting when we are so separated and when things are as hard as them is really important to find ease when you can and I think it reminds us what we are so hard for fight what’s good yeah i think it’s really important

While Max faces more challenges than ever in season 3, he’s arguably in a better place emotionally than he was at this point in season 2 after losing to Georgia. Reynolds’ return may take some weight off his shoulders, despite Helens Relationship with Cassian could cause Max to experience a different kind of stress. All in all, there are many variables in season 3 for the doctors and nurses of New Amsterdam

See what’s next with new episodes of New Amsterdam on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, and stop by CinemaBlend to find out more about what’s on the show in Season 3, Ryan Eggold has been pondering whether he would ever repeat his blacklisted role as Tom Keen despite Tom Keen’s unfortunate fate

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