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Neera Tanden, President Biden’s election as Director of the Bureau of Administration and Budget, was immediately faced with concerns about her nomination by both parties when she appeared before the Senate Budget Committee on Wednesday

Leaders on both sides of the political spectrum urged Tanden to conduct personal attacks and statements she made on social media. Additionally, committee chairman Sen Bernie Sanders, IVT said he was concerned about the millions of dollars the Center for American Progress, which Tanden used to run, received from large corporations and stakeholders

“Before I vote on your nomination, it is important for me and the members of this committee to know that the donations you raise at the GAP will not affect your decision-making at the OMB,” said Sanders in his opening address

Ranking member Sen Lindsey Graham, R-SCThen he said he didn’t care where the CAP money was coming from, but that he was concerned about some of Tanden’s earlier statements

“You were a very partisan figure, you were a very tough figure when it comes to political discourse, and that’s okay too. But calling Mitch McConnell ‘Moscow Mitch’ is probably not a very good thing to say”

The GOP leader then noted that Tanden’s “contempt wasn’t limited to Republicans,” citing a tweet in which she said, “Russia did a lot more to help Bernie than the random internal e- Mails from DNC to help Hillary “

“The point I want to make here,” said Graham, “is that at a time of unity we choose someone who throws sharp elbows, and that will have a consequence””

Addressing her earlier remarks in her opening speech, Tanden said that being a passionate attorney had been part of my role over the past few years. “She said she regretted her earlier language and” Sen said that regretfully to Sanders and others Members of this committee “

Sanders then asked Tanden directly about her previous testimony to open the question-and-answer portion of the hearing

A shared picture of Neera Tanden, President Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of Administration and Budget, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, chairman of the Senate Committee on Budget, during a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik, Pool)
((AP Photo / Andrew Harnik, Pool))

“I think most of us understand that it is important that we discuss the issues and try to minimize the level of personal and malicious attacks that seem so widespread in this country today,” said Sanders before mentioning that he had received a letter from Republicans expressing concern about Tanden’s previous attacks

“But of course your attacks weren’t all against Republicans,” Sanders said. “There have been vicious attacks against progressives, people I’ve worked with, me personally. So if you come before this committee for a very important role To take over the United States government, at a time when we need serious work on serious issues and not need personal assault on anyone, left or right, you can think a little about some of the decisions and personal statements that are made Have you met in the past few years? “

Tanden said she now realizes the damage her statements have caused and she feels “bad” about it

“And I really regret it and I realize that it is really important for me to show that I can work with others I look forward to taking this burden and apologize to the people on the left or right who have been hurt by what I said hurt, “she added

Sanders said it wasn’t about whether people were hurt by Tanden’s words, but about the words themselves

“It’s not about getting hurt, we’re all big boys,” Sanders said. “But it’s important that we carry out the attacks that express our political differences and that we do not have to carry out personal attacks no matter what their point of view So can we assume that as directors of OMB we will see a different approach when you are appointed than you did with the CAP? “

Sanders once spoke out against bringing up the multimillion-dollar CAPs received from large corporations under Tanden’s leadership, which “represented some of the most powerful special interests in our country.” He said the group has been selling $ 5 as of 2014 Received 5 million from Walmart, $ 1 million from Google, 900$ 000 from Bank of America, $ 800$ 000 from Facebook and $ 550$ 000 from Amazon

Tanden assured Sanders that these donations “will not affect my decision-making” and that it will act on behalf of “the interests of the American people”

Wednesday’s hearing was Tanden’s second hearing on consecutive days. On Tuesday, she appeared before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, where she was also confronted with her previous testimony

The first Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, the Tanden, Sen Rob Portman, R-Ohio, immediately brought up Tanden’s posts, many of which she had deleted late last year

“I believe that the tone, content, and aggressive partisanship of some of your public statements have contributed to the worrying trend of more civilianity and division in our public lives, and in your case, I am concerned that you are being personally attacked certain senators make it difficult for you to work with them, “Portman said

Portman then quoted some examples of Tanden’s statements, including her phone call to Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, “The Worst” and Sen Tom Cotton, R-Ark, a “scam” that states “Vampires have more hearts than Ted Cruz” and refers to then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, as “Moscow Mitch” and ” Voldemort “, referring to the Harry Potter villain

“I recognize the concern,” Tanden replied. “I apologize deeply for my language – some of my previous languages. I recognize that this role is a bipartisan one, and I know that I have the confidence of the Senators on the whole.” Must win line I will work very aggressively to address this concern “

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