Singer Taylor Dayne is defending herself after taking the stage in Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve as part of President Trump’s annual celebration

When President Trump’s amazing phone conversation with Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger became known on Sunday, there was widespread speculation that the president had committed one or more crimes to reverse the election results in Georgia including extortion and, ironically, electoral fraud

Armed men opened fire on a group of Shiite Hazara miners after they kidnapped them and killed 11 in southwest Balochistan province early Sunday, a Pakistani official said the Islamic State Group later took over in a statement on its website Responsibility for the attack The Sunni militant group has repeatedly cracked down on Pakistani minority Shiites in recent years

Russian military investigators are now treating the November 9 helicopter crash over Armenia as “premeditated murder,” a more serious charge than the previous “death from negligence,” the Interfax news agency reported Monday, citing a source A Russian Mi-24 -Helicopter shot down over Armenia near the border with a region of Azerbaijan, killing two crew members and injuring another just hours before a Moscow-brokered peace treaty over Nagorno-Karabakh was reached for six weeks at the time of the incident Azerbaijan, which is politically supported by Turkey, and ethnic Armenian armed forces in the mountain region

A small Georgia plane crashed into a house in southeast Michigan, killing the pilot and two family members

President Trump had little chance of forcing Congress to change the stimulus package or the Defense Funding Bill, so why did he speak on both bills?

The 62-year-old pastor is said to have confronted Mytrez Deunte Woolen with a gun but was overwhelmed A pastor was killed and two parishioners were injured in a shooting in East Texas on Sunday Authorities had dogs and drones on Saturday after the 21st Year-old Mytrez Deunte wanted wool when the pastor of the Starrville Methodist Church in Winona discovered him hiding in a church bath on Sunday

Since the 117 With Congress to be sworn in on Sunday, some Democrats are “a little nervous” about House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) chances to keep the hammer, Rep Filemon (D-Texas) told The Hill the concern is whether it will actually be enough lawmakers will show up to give her the required majority of those in attendance and voters if they do, she is on track to win as expected Filemon said concerns were due to the coronavirus pandemic and Democrats hope that no one will get sick before the vote Representatives Gwen Moore (D-Wisc) and Rick Larsen (D-Wash) tested positive for COVID-19 in late December, even though Larsen is not in quarantine and although it is unclear, it sounds like it Moore will also be free of isolation Politico’s Jake Sherman reports that 221 of the 222 Democratic members of the new house are expected to Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla), who is being treated for pancreatic cancer, will not be in the Capitol NEWS on The Presence of Alcee Hastings, a troubled Florida Dem, won’t make it to the speaker vote today Jamie Raskin, who recently lost his son, will make it >> Democrats believe they will have 221 in attendance today >> Pelosi needs a majority and votes >> – Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman ) 3 January 2021If there are actually 221 Democrats on hand, as well as all 211 Republicans, Pelosi could only afford to have four Democrats vote for someone else, The Hill notes. While there are some Democrats who do not support Pelosi, they can vote “in attendance” which essentially makes her absent, would not count on the final balance sheet, which would likely allow her to win the majority, nor is there any guarantee that every Republican will be there. “I think she will win,” Rep said Stephen Lynch (D-Messe) said of Pelosi “But I’m just not sure how she gets there” Read more on The HillMore stories from the weekcom Hawley and Cruz: How to Lie Without Lying Why Trump Lindsey Graham For Raffensperger Call Recording Can Blame Why Kelly Loeffler’s Attack Reports On Raphael Warnock Can Backfire

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that Saudi Arabia will open its air and land borders with Qatar to end a diplomatic crisis that has deeply divided the regional US Allies since 2017 The state-run Kuwait news agency reported on the announcement that Saudi Arabia would open its borders with Qatar from Monday evening. Qatar’s only land border has been largely closed since mid-2017 when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain blocked off ushered in the tiny Gulf state, accusing it of supporting Islamist groups in the region and of maintaining close ties with Iran

Iran today provoked new confrontations with the West by confiscating an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf and confirming that this would further enrich the raw materials for a nuclear bomb, in violation of international agreements, and South Korea mobilized its forces in the Strait of Hormuz and dispatched an anti-piracy unit to the Gulf Monday afternoon after a ship with its flag, the MT Hankuk Chemi, was intercepted off the coast of Oman and escorted into Iranian waters, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) later confirmed that it had seized the ship and arrested its crew in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, “for repeated violations of maritime environmental laws” Iranian media reported that the ship, the 7thTransported 200 tons of oleochemical products from Saudi Arabia to Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, “polluted the Persian Gulf with chemicals”

Sen Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga) “waged the most negative campaign in Georgian history,” said her Democratic challenger Rev Raphael Warnock said at a recent rally, reports HuffPost, according to HuffPost, Loeffler and Republican groups who support their campaign carried out various attacks on Warnock, including being labeled a Marxist and suspecting him, in the run-up to Tuesday’s Senate runoff election Child Abuse Covered Up But the ads may not anger Loeffler’s supporters enough as they increase democratic turnout, especially among black voters. “The Attack Ads, Rev. Warnock, who historically uses racist tropes in the ads, is insulting, “Unite Here union secretary and treasurer Gwen Mills told HuffPost,” but it’s also invigorating in the sense that people won’t stand up for it. We have it Heard a lot “This backlash, along with a few other key factors, seems to be paying off for Democrats. Tom Bonier, CEO of the democratic data firm TargetSmart, said black voters were” leading the way in increasing black voter turnout, “and 40 percent of the 102000 people who cast ballots during the early runoff after the general election was suspended are black Read more on HuffPostMore Stories from the Weekcom Hawley and Cruz: How to Lie Without Lying Why Trump Blamed Lindsey Graham for Raffensperger Call Recording Fears could soar over Indonesia’s Jurassic Park

A Malaysian coroner ruled Monday that the death of a Franco-Irish teen whose body was found near a Malaysian jungle resort where she disappeared while on vacation was most likely an accident involving no other coroner Maimoonah Aid ruled out murder, natural death, and suicide, and said Nora Anne Quoirin was likely lost after leaving her family home alone

Ukrainian police said Monday they were investigating documents and audio recordings from 2012 about plans to murder a Belarusian journalist who was killed by a car bomb in Kiev in 2016. Police released a statement on the case on the same day as The online newspaper EUobserver published a recording by the Belarusian KGB Security Service in 2012 discussing plans to assassinate investigative journalist Pavel Sheremet Ukrainian police released few details about the audio recordings they were investigating and did not identify any suspects

“It’s usually a sign that Trump will be somewhere for an extended period of time,” said a source on recent US military movements

Hundreds of Tibetans in exile brave the rain and cold Sunday in India’s northern city of Dharmsala, where the government in exile is based, and voted for their new political leader as the current official’s five-year term nears its end. Many young Tibetans contest the general election this year

The federal government and the country’s 16 federal states have agreed to extend a strict lockdown until January in order to bring the coronavirus infections under control, reported the newspaper Bild on Monday, without giving a source, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers will be on Tuesday to discuss a possible extension of the lockdown beyond January 10 Germany has been more successful than many European countries in keeping the coronavirus at bay during the first wave in spring, but has seen an increase in new infections since the fall

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his advisors were prepared for President Trump to urge him to reverse the presidential election results during a phone call on Saturday and decided to record the conversation that they eventually leaked after Trump got it wrong The decision was also inspired by an earlier call from Raffensperger with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SCPolitico reported in November, Raffensperger accused Graham of asking him if he had authority to discard all postal ballot papers in Georgia counties that were found to have a higher rate of mismatched signatures, an allegation the Senator denied in any case the call to Raffensperger apparently to remain on high alert if he found himself in similar situations “Lindsey Graham asked us to throw away legally cast ballots,” one of Raffensperger’s advisors told Politico. “So yes, after that call we decided to That Maybe We Should “As it turns out, Graham’s attempt to help Trump in the election was a miss for the president. Read more on PoliticoMore Stories from the Week Com Hawley and Cruz: How to Lie Without Lying Why Kelly Loefflers Attack reports on Raphael Warnock can backfire, fears rise above I. Indonesia’s Jurassic Park

In response to rising COVID-19 numbers, Zimbabwe has reinstated a night curfew, banned public gatherings and suspended schools from opening indefinitely. “We will be overwhelmed and overrun,” warned Information Minister Nick Mangwana, saying that the Hospitals in the country are rapidly reaching capacity for COVID-19 patients Zimbabwe recorded last week 1342 cases and 29 deaths “The highest number that has been recorded so far,” said Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and announced the strict measures

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli official on Sunday dismissed as “nonsense” a claim by the Iranian foreign minister that Israel was trying to get the United States to wage war on Iran One year anniversary of the assassination of Tehran’s Supreme General Qassem Soleimani in a U had to be aware of possible Iranian strikes on Sunday Drone strike in Iraq, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Kan public radio

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