Saturday Night Live musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff made his debut on the TV show and delighted audiences at home with his live performance of’ Redemption ‘from his latest album, And It’s All Alright and the movie Palmer with Justin Timberlake The St The native Louis, who appeared on stage with Regina King, is believed to be having a big breakout year – some of which could earn him some Oscar craze

Rateliff’s latest venture comes from a very intimate place, he says on his website, the aspiring musician took inspiration not only from the breakup of his 11-year relationship and marriage, but also from the death of his close friend and producer Richard Swift for his third solo album The two quickly became friends and bonded over their shared experiences of growing up in very religious households. Swift died after succumbing to complications related to his alcohol addiction. “I wrote” And It’s Still Alright “about Richard, but it could have been just as good “Rush On” is also for Richard. We had a lot of the same problems I think I understood in some ways why he let himself go, so I tried from that perspective to write to meet the emptiness that you seemingly cannot escape from and the danger of it overtaking you lt “

Viewers unfamiliar with the singer and his work used social media to share their thoughts. The general consensus is that Saturday Night Live’s performance was a refreshing hit

I just think it’s really cool that #SNL could book a relatively niche rock act for adults like Nathaniel Rateliff who obviously kills him here, bringing me back to the 2007 era of really cool indie rock acts every week / p>

Okay, I think it’s finally time for me to find out who Nathaniel Rateliff is

After his divorce in 2018, the singer-songwriter announced that he was struggling to decide what to say in his music, “It took me a long time to be honest with myself and know that [ writing about something] is part of my process of dealing with things, “he shared Esquire with Rateliff was on tour when he started writing about the experience,” I remember I wrote the songs [for this set] in the desert and it was almost like writing with that prophetic sense and letting your subconscious go But I thought, “Well, I can’t really say that. That reveals too much information’ ”

This isn’t his first time at 30 Rock for a musical performance Rateliff performed on The Tonight Show with his band The Night Sweats a few years ago. Watch the performance of “SÖB”here on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, his recently released single “Redemption” can be heard in Apple TV’s newest film, Palmer, starring Justin Timberlake. The film follows a former high school soccer star (Timberlake) who returns home to be after 12 years in prison Rebuilding his life and career Alisha Wainwright, who many may remember from the alleged 2019 date scandal, also stars in the film “For me, the song is about what I saw in the film and what I did out there I see the world fighting on until we find some kind of peace and an answer, “Rateliff said in an interview with Variety.” It’s about hope and connection. At the end of the song there is the line “We keep running until we learn peace to find, “he added

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