Update for 7 pm ET: SpaceX launched and landed its Starship SN10 prototype from the company’s test site near Boca Chica Village in South Texas, but the rocket exploded shortly after it touched down, so read our closing story here

SpaceX is preparing to launch its latest Starship prototype on a high altitude test flight, possibly as soon as today (Sept. March)

The Starship SN10 prototype could fly back-up launch days from SpaceX’s South Texas test facility near Boca Chica Village in Cameron Country during a nine-hour window that opened at 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT or 9 am local time) Available Thursday and Friday, according to Cameron County officials

If SpaceX attempts to launch a Starship SN10 today, a webcast will be available a few minutes before the flight. You can watch this webcast on this page or on the Spacecom homepage, as well as directly from SpaceX here and on YouTube SpaceX will webcast the webcast here on Twitter announce

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SN10 is SpaceX’s third spaceship prototype and is aiming for a maximum height of just over 10 kilometers The test follows two previous highs of starships SN8 and SN9 on December 9 and Feb. 2 Both previous test missiles performed well until landing when they crashed into their landing zones and exploded

“Similar to the high-altitude tests of the Starship SN8 and SN9, the SN10 is powered by the ascent of three Raptor engines, each of which is shut down one at a time before the vehicle climaxes – approximately 10 km in altitude,” SpaceX wrote in the flight description

Upon reaching target altitude, SN10 is expected to perform a “belly flop” maneuver in mid-air and slide down to its landing site to attempt another wild flip for a vertical landing

“The Raptor engines of the SN10 are then re-ignited if the vehicle attempts a flip-landing maneuver immediately before touching down on the landing pad next to the take-off bracket,” wrote SpaceX in the flight description

SpaceX is developing a 50-meter tall spaceship and massive booster called Super Heavy as a fully reusable launch system for space exploration The vehicle will be the company’s spaceship for travel to Mars and elsewhere, said Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX

Starship is one of three designs selected by NASA as contenders for astronauts to land on the moon under the agency’s Artemis program.SpaceX has also signed its first Starship passenger – Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa – who bought a trip around the moon for himself and eight other people

On Tuesday, Maezawa launched a call for entries for people hoping for a chance to join him on the spacecraft flight.His mission, called DearMoon, is currently set to start in 2023, on the website for information on how to register to win a seat on the DearMoon Mission

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World news – USA – The SpaceX prototype Starship SN10 aborts the first attempt at launch. Can try again today

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