Nothing is unknown to him tonight for the All-Star-Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors As a seven-time All-Star and seven-time participant in the 3-point competition, Curry is used to during the All-Star- Standing on this stage at the weekend and representing the league as one of the best basketball players in the world

After the two-time MVP from last year missed the All-Star game due to an injury, he is looking forward to being back on the ground as an All-Star starter for Team LeBron, especially for his Curry Brand present for the first time during the All Star Weekend

“It’s humbling, pretty amazing to rock your own shoes, your own brand, and what we stand for in the bright lights of an all-star game stage””

Steph Curry and Under Armor already launched the Curry brand in December 2020, a separate branch for Curry products with its own logo and clothing, in which there is the possibility of compiling a separate list of athletes for different sports. Curry signed in 2013 at Under Armor and its signature shoe line began in 2015

“Every time you have the chance to stand on this stage and think about how my last year and a half went with injuries and all that when I’m not in the game, it means a lot,” said Steph Curry today during all- availability of star media

“It’s something I don’t take for granted and obviously appreciate, and of course more to share with the world about what this brand means and how people can participate in it”

Tonight, Steph will rock his “Wish Flow” 8 during the All-Star Game and for every point he scores 1Donate $ 000 to Good Sports The Good Sports organization provides sports equipment, clothing, and shoes for children in need

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Steph Curry

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