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President Joe Biden doubles the amount of the next coronavirus stimulus check, even as administrative officials try to figure out exactly who would receive a payment

At a news conference on Friday, Biden said his government was still required to provide $ 1 in stimulus checks worth $ 1$ 400 to implement $ 9 trillion coronavirus aid package, combined with the $ 600 payments approved in December, would bring the total of recent reliefs to Aug.Bring in $ 000, an amount supported by many in Congress

“I’m not reducing the checks,” said Biden. “You will be 1Cost $ 400 That was promised to the American people ”

It remains unclear who is eligible for a stimulus payment. The President’s original proposal ensured that single people who live up to 75$ 000 and married couples earning up to $ 150Earning $ 000, eligible for full payment Biden has indicated he is open to negotiating eligibility requirements, but this is confirmed by new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

When speaking about the state of the Union on CNN, Yellen stated that Americans who are 60Earning USD 000 per year should be eligible for the full amount of direct payments This amount is approximately 10$ 000 more than a number debated by Republicans and Conservative Democrats, which is based on a “targeted” round of payments with an income of 50 or less$ 000 pushing

“When you think of an elementary school teacher or a cop who is 60?Earning $ 000 a year and facing kids out of school and people who may have had to retire to care for them and many other burdens, the President thinks, and I would surely agree that it is appropriate that the people there receive support, ”said Yellen

“President Biden is certainly ready to work with members of Congress to define what is fair, and he doesn’t want a budget that is more than 300Earned $ 000, receives these payments, “she added

As the payment details continue to refine, the democratically controlled Congress is pushing Biden’s overall package forward

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi announced last week that she intended to pass the entire stimulus package, including direct payments, by the end of February

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World News – USA – Stimulus tests: Eligibility for payments of 1$ 400 that will likely change

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