“Can I get a hell yes !?” Yesterday was 3:16 pm and thanks to Sideshow Collectibles you can now celebrate 3:16 am of next year by showing off PCS Collectibles’ new Steve Austin statue “Stone Cold”. This 1: 4 scale statue of the Texas Rattlesnake increases the WWE Championship Belt on Every Wrestling Fan’s Collection This statue is priced at $ 600 and is available for pre-order right now at Sideshow.com Here are the official details of Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow and PCS present the ice cold Steve Austin 1: 4 statue ready to become a champion of your WWE collectibles

The ice-cold Steve Austin statue measures 275 “tall, his fists pumping high in the air. With an incredibly detailed physique and an expertly crafted resemblance to the Texas Rattlesnake itself, this statue captures all of the poise and intensity for which he is famous The pro-wrestler stands on a circular podium with a black post with Steve Austin’s signature skull logo and molded turnbuckles and ropes to get the collectible-sized WWE ring

The ice cold 1: 4 scale Steve Austin statue is fully sculpted with a detailed black costume, including a vest, swimming trunks, armbands, knee pads, knee braces and boots, all carefully designed to capture the actual appearance of the fabric and make the piece one to give serious realism Stone Cold Steve Austin’s silver studded vest is also adorned with his signature symbols, including “AUSTIN” on the right, two different skull designs, the 3:16 tag on the left and the nickname “STONE COLD” on the back Shoulders This ice-cold stunner of a statue with a little gold necklace detail is a must-have for fans of this wrestling icon

And that’s the end result of the Stone Cold Steve Austin 1: 4 Scale Statue by PCS! Bring it home for your wrestling collection today

What do you think of the Steve Austin statue by PCS? Is this a must have for your collection? What other WWE statues are you hoping for? Well this hashtag show wants to hear from you!

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

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