Millions of Texans are in misery today as much of the state struggles with power outages, running water, and freezing temperatures but as the Houston Chronicle reported, former Texas Gov Rick Perry (R) wants citizens to consider how conditions could get worse: Texas, according to the Republican, could be part of the United States’ energy system

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry suggests that days without electricity are a sacrifice Texans should be ready for if it means keeping federal regulators off the state’s power grid in a blog posted on the site Published by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Perry is cited in response to claim that “those on the left may see the situation in Texas as an opportunity to expand their radical proposals from top to bottom””

The former governor was also quoted as saying, “Texans would be without power for more than three days to keep the federal government out of their business. Try not to let the day’s crisis distract you from a stable power grid that is Protecting America personally, economically and strategically “

Perry, who also served as Donald Trump’s energy secretary, added, “When the wind and sun are on the way, the last 48 hours should give everyone a real break and wait a minute,”

First, as Perry should really understand by now, it is demonstrably ridiculous to blame renewable energy for the ongoing crisis in Texas

Second, the former governor’s insistence that Texas has a “resilient grid” is belied by the state’s repeated power outages.It was exactly 10 years ago this month that the Lone Star State faced another harsh winter the Texas power grid couldn’t cope: Demand for electricity increased, and in 2011 the system just couldn’t keep up, just like in 2021 The same thing happened in 1989

After the 2011 collapse – Rick Perry was governor for about a decade at the time – the country’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission drew up a detailed report of what had gone wrong and told state officials that Texas’s energy infrastructure just wasn’t be It’s well designed for harsh winter conditions FERC made recommendations for improvement and warned Texas that systemic breakdowns would almost certainly happen again

State officials ignored the warnings – because they could Texas has an independent network that frees the state from the “burdens” of federal guarantees

In fact, the cruelty of Perry’s comments this week rests on the idea that Texans faced with crisis conditions should now be grateful that their state has its own independent power system in the continental United States, every state must have the Federal regulators respond – with the exception of Texas, which is going its own way (note that other states in the area have similar weather conditions this week, but don’t have problems to the same extent)

If the state’s power system fails and FERC explains how similar crises can be prevented in the future, Texas officials will have the luxury of actually saying, “Thank you, but no, thank you. We’d rather have blackouts than federal protections”

With that in mind, Rick Perry wants Texans who are wondering if their status quo is a wise approach to resist the temptation to move in a more effective direction. Once this crisis has subsided, it will be interesting to see how much the state agrees

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