The cast of “Jagged Little Pill” in a pre-recorded portion of the Macy’s ParadeVirginia Sherwood | NBC

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade enabled Broadway performers to shine on a national stage after COVID-19 shut down the Great White Way

Enter Jagged Little Pill, the Tony nominated musical based on the songs from Alanis Morissette’s 1995 hit album of the same name

When members of the cast provided a rendition of Morissette’s “You Learn,” viewers tuned in at home turned to social media to stare at other people on social media in disbelief. Some had pronounced discomfort. Others flinched when they did Heard voices other than Morissette’s that provided their famous lyrics

I love Alani’s songs, but I get the premise of Jagged Little Pill, the musical M #MacysParade pic, not Twittercom / D8Q1b3NPMy

Signed up for this Thanksgiving Day just to see if anyone had the same reaction I had to the Jagged Little Pill performance during the parade 😬 picTwittercom / TSn0cgC5tP

The song from “Jagged Little Pill” was just one musical number among several recorded segments that appeared in the parade of shows such as “Mean Girls”, “Hamilton” and “Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of Temptations “were presented”

Due to the pandemic, the parade abolished its usual float and balloon route in favor of glasses placed in front of the entrance to Macy’s or the home of individual Broadway shows. Also gone was the usual crowd on the sidelines

All of you I love musicals I really appreciate Canadian legend Alanis Morrissette But I don’t understand how “Jagged Little Pill: The Musical” came about. These songs were only meant for Alanis and Alanis #MacysThanksgivingParade

You apparently weren’t influenced by the production’s 15 Tony nominations – most of all shows that year – including Best Musical

“I think the Jagged Little Pill musical is proof that most things shouldn’t become musical theater,” tweeted editor Bonnie Stiernberg

“I love musicals”, tweeted Michaela Flack. “I really appreciate the Canadian legend Alanis (Morissette) But I don’t understand how “Jagged Little Pill: The Musical” came about. These songs were only meant for Alanis and Alanis ”

I have a lot of thoughts on Jagged Little Pill Neither of them are good pictureTwittercom / MksjvNkThJ

I’m not going to lie, the performance of Jagged Little Pill looks like a dandruff shampoo or an ED commercial 🤔 imageTwittercom / XFHbbp0FEN

“As a big Alanis fan, Broadway Jagged’s little pill is a tough pass,” tweeted Naomi Rivas. “I feel like a teenager who’s embarrassed my parents”

When I watch that parade this morning, I have thoughts about this “jagged little pill,” mostly because I feel like I’m in a commercial looking for a drug that will clear my chlamydia, but a nasty potential one Page has effects 😂

Probably go back in time and don’t turn Jagged Little Pill into a Broadway show 🥴 picTwittercom / 5tlodvBUSA

As a huge Alanis fan, Broadway Jagged’s Little Pill is a tough pass I feel like a teenager my parents are embarrassed about picTwittercom / ahvFC99p6R

I think the Jagged Little Pill musical is proof that most things shouldn’t turn into musical theater

Nobody will be able to convince me that the music clip “Jagged Little Pill” they show during Macy’s Parade is real and not like a piece by Tim and Eric BildTwittercom / 3piQ5nVZXI

I’m looking at Jagged Little Pill at the #MacysThanksgivingParade and trying to turn a classic chick song into a terrible musical pictureTwittercom / eH8GFsUSuJ

When the fans of the musical saw the flood of negative feedback, they came to the show’s defense

They pointed out, for example, that the song was a small part of the whole and was separate from its usual context on the show

For those who are not deterred in their appreciation of the musical, there will be a livestream performance of “Jagged Little Pill” in December 13, known as the “Broadway Reunion Concert”

The cast will come together after nearly 10 months from the stage to perform selections from the show in support of the #SaveOurStages movement in collaboration with performing arts centers and theaters across the country

As someone who has seen Jagged Little Pille, you just had a bad first impression It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen with Broadway reopening on Twittercom / m6ySYS1U3M


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Jagged Little Pill

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