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To all the boys: Always and Forever marks the third and final chapter of the popular Netflix franchise book starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, but while Lara and Peter’s high school romance may come to an end, Lana and Noah’s real bond is certainly not

Since filming To all the Boys, whom I previously loved, in 2017, the two have remained incredibly close – so close that Netflix rom-com fans have speculated over the past few years that the 23-year-old Actress and The 24-year-old actor is dated and / or dated in real life Why? Aside from their remarkable on-screen chemistry, Lana and Noah both shared flirty Instagram pics and (perhaps inadvertently) fueled each other’s hearsay with their consistently high praise

“We speak the same language and think the same way,” Lana told Girlfriend about the filming of all three To All the Boys films alongside Noah. “We have always felt more comfortable, and I think the third film shows that it looks like we’ve been part of each other’s lives for three years It is very clear that we – and Lara Jean and Peter – feel very comfortable “

In the same interview, Noah stated, “I think we’re like a married couple now, we’re very familiar, very comfortable”

While you might suspect that Lana and Noah have romantic feelings for each other (especially after Noah said they were “like a married couple”), the two appear to be nothing more than dear friends, in addition to being both actors romantically linked – Lana has been dating Anthony De La Torre, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, for over five years, while Noah is reportedly dating YouTube influencer Stassie Karanikolaou

Funnily enough, Noah told Jimmy Fallon last week that his first encounter with Lana was quite uncomfortable, in fact, he didn’t even know Lana had taken on the role of Lara when he tried to play Peter

“What I like to do with my auditions is that I like to run lines with other people in the room before the actual chemistry reading and before the actual audition, because I think this is a good way to get the ice cream to break”Noah told the late-night host” So I see Lana reading chemistry and didn’t notice she booked the role I thought she was there as one of three girls too, reading chemistry like I was one of three men and me said, “Hey, maybe you want to run lines?” and she said, “No, I’m fine!” Like ‘I have this!’ “

But after that, Lana and Noah’s flirtatious friendship and mutual admiration blossomed on Director Susan Johnson told Entertainment Tonight that they used a real-life picture of Lana and Noah, who I previously loved together on the set of To All the Boys had cuddled

“They were in the green room on the high school set in the area where we put the actors. They actually slept like that on the couch in that room, so we just stood over them and took the picture and it’s so damn cute, “said Susan of using the picture as Lara’s phone lock picture in the movie” So yeah, we just checked it out from our crewmember “

In other words, the closeness we see in the films To All the Boys is a reflection of Lana and Noah’s bond behind the scenes

“It’s been since Day 1 and I’ve never felt this chemistry with another actor I’ve worked with before. I think we both know it’s special and I’m just glad he was it’s who I go through all of this with, “Lana told Entertainment Weekly in 2018

Two years ago on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lana admitted that early on in the process of filming To All the Boys, which I previously loved, she “felt” something for Noah after doing hot yoga together and in Having eaten pizza in his apartment, she thought there might be sparks – but she finally decided to rule out the possibility in the name of work

“It was right before we made the movie and just met,” Lana explained, adding that she told Noah, “It won’t happen between us.” Apparently, Noah agreed and firmly believed that she was Had to be “best friends” for the film to go well “

“So we did what we did in To All the Boys, the movie We signed a contract and set limits, “Lana said to Jimmy.” I’m so glad we did that because the film turned out great “

Indeed, the success of the first film led Netflix to green-light the 2021 sequel To All the Boys: P I still love you Before production, Noah raved the press about how much he loved working with Lana

“I miss Lana [Condor] I miss the F – Ks of Lana and Israel [Broussard], Trezzo [Mahoro] and everyone I can’t wait to see everyone again and hang out again,” he told people why he was wanted to make a second film “It was such a treasure to be with you in Vancouver”

In August 2019, the cast and crew finished filming To All the Boys: Always and Forever To commemorate that performance, Noah tweeted a message that melted fans’ hearts

You will always be my Peter K & I will always be your Lara Jean, I can promise you that https: // tco / 1phx9hFU2Z

“Tonight was my last night as Peter Kavinsky I hope you all love these final installments as much as we are forever grateful for the opportunity to be yours,” wrote Noah in part

Lana replied punctually: “You will always be my Peter K & I will always be your Lara Jean, I can promise you that”

Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, to all the boys I have loved before

World News – USA – The relationship between Lana Condor and Noah Centineo is very similar to Peter and Lara All boys’

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