YouTube humor channel Vsauce3, which creates content related to games, popular culture, science and education, made a video to show us what would actually happen to the unfortunate robbers of the vacation classic, Harry and Marv

In the video, the Vsauce3 team analyzed just three of the traps set by Macaulay Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister, a boy who defends his home with the kind of tactical expertise you’d expect from a Green Beret, not from an 8 year old old child

It starts with the red-hot doorknob, which it turns out doesn’t actually burn the robber’s hand, but it certainly burns the door and probably the house as well

When squeezed, the 1-gallon can, which weighs 13 pounds, swings at a rate of 20 miles per hour The impact is equivalent to being hit twice in the face by Mike Tyson The blow would sure knock the bandits unconscious and likely crack their skulls

Assuming Harry and Marv had somehow survived the paint cans on their faces, in a house that is likely on fire thanks to the glowing doorknob, Harry would have been left in a body bag after Marv hit him with the crowbar

The blow would have resulted in seven broken ribs, a pierced lung, and a pierced heart, in short, if Home Alone were real, the robbers would be dead Kevin McCallister, the film’s budding psychopath, would be a cold-blooded murderer

James Clark

Show article by James Clark

@ JamesWClark

It’s been a little over a month since Jon Bernthal’s eponymous antihero was unloaded on Netflix viewers on the Nov 17 start

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Home Alone

World News – USA – This video shows how deadly the traps of “Home Alone” really are