WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) – A motorist was talking to her future wife on her cell phone when high winds blew a branch on her car, killing her, authorities said

Rochelle Hager, 31, from Waterville, was a chef who posted popular TikTok videos and was engaged to be married this fall

“It went very quickly,” Brittanie Lynn Ritchie told the Morning Sentinel “She installed a phone in her ventilation opening. I just heard a crash and then there was nothing”

Rochelle Hager, who was killed when a branch struck her car, was a chef who was engaged to be marriedco / 82aHOMN9a8 ImageTwittercom / BllB3gzVAW

Hager was driving in Farmington when a storm that caused gusts of over 80 km / h overturned the branches and killed them instantly, authorities said

Hager was the only occupant and no other vehicles were involved, said Farmington police chief Kenneth Charles, who described the situation as “tragic and unique”

Hager and Ritchie were both popular with TikTok. Together they had more than 400000 followers Ritchie wrote a tearful tribute saying Hager “loved her TikTok family”

Rochelle Hager

World news – USA – TikTok star Rochelle Hager on the phone with fiance when a branch kills her

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