Last standing star Tim Allen has described his silence on former President Donald Trump as not “joining the lynching crowd”

In a long interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, the conservative Allen explained why he stays away from political discussions -Culture “connected as I call it” I don’t tell anyone how to live””

Allen continued, “I don’t like that We should do that Or we should do that”” Regarding Trump, Allen said, “When I realized the last president was pissing people off, I kind of liked it. It was fun just not saying anything. I didn’t join the lynching crowd”

The home improvement star also shared his stance on taxes: “When I started making money, I had this silent partner who only took almost half of my money and never gave me anything in return, and that was taxes”

He added, “I work pretty hard for this stuff and have achieved a lot and been hampered by my own mistakes … but I had this silent partner I never liked taxes. He said the silent partner was the government”

Allen also spoke to Marron about the 1978 drug arrest that put him behind bars for more than two years. “After my old man died,” he said, “I really just played with people and told adults what they were wanted to hear and then stole their booze “He was arrested with a pound of cocaine in a Michigan airport when he was 23 years old – that is how many years he’s been sober

“I literally learned how to live day in and day out,” said Allen of his jail time. “And I’ve learned to shut up, you definitely want to learn how to shut up”

Tim Allen

World news – USA – Tim Allen on his Trump silence: “Did not join the lynching crowd”