Kevin Garnett shared a story from his time with the Boston Celtics during a recent appearance on the “Chris Vernon Show” “

Boston’s trainer at the time was Doc Rivers, whose son Austin was a teenager. As Garnett relates, Rivers tried to challenge him to a single game through the New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy:

“I had my laces loosened and I was coming out of the weight room and he was rolling the ball on me,” Garnett told the Chris Vernon Show “And I was looking at it and it hit my toes and I was like,” What? “

“I’m a dragon brother,” Garnett said to Rivers, “I’m a dragon but I know your father is the trainer so I have to be really careful about how I let this dragon out’

Garnett is one of the most notorious trash talkers in history and often wages psychological wars with his opponents

The legendary striker wasn’t afraid to invoke any particular intimidation factor, apparently not even against high schoolers trying to challenge him

Rivers was one of Winter Park High School’s best-endowed players at the time, and also a person who rarely retreated from opponents, his prep mixtape is full of trash-talking exploits on the other hand, this is Kevin Garnett that we are about speak

Garnett will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this spring. Rivers are now thriving (133 points per game) in his first appearances at the New York Knicks, including 14 points in a row in the fourth quarter to the Bockers on Wednesday to bring a comeback home win over Utah Jazz

Austin Rivers

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