While President Donald Trump did not directly threaten to veto the bill, his message opened up the possibility that he could do so | Doug Mills-Pool / Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Tuesday blew up the $ 900 billion coronavirus aid package passed by Congress, called it a “shame” and asked for changes to the law to increase stimulus payments to Americans

Although Trump did not directly threaten to veto the bill, his message opened up the possibility that he could do so

In a video tweeted by the president Tuesday night, Trump gave a four-minute speech listing his many grievances with the bill – which would send much-needed aid to Americans struggling amid the pandemic. Trump specifically criticized the aid package for that it included “wasteful spending” on issues unrelated to Covid-19, only donated $ 600 to individuals and families, and did not provide enough emergency aid to small businesses

“Among the more than 5000 pages in this bill that no one in Congress has read due to its length and complexity, it is referred to as the Covid aid bill, but has almost nothing to do with Covid, “said Trump

The stimulus package was finally passed Monday night after months of bipartisan squabbling over the measure.It includes $ 1.4 trillion to fund the government through next September and passed both chambers by an overwhelming bipartisan majority close the government next week)

Trump said the package offered too much money overseas and should include more for American families and small businesses.He called on Congress to amend the bill to reduce the $ 600 stimulus payments to individuals and families to 2000 USD or 4000 USD to increase for couples

“Congress has found a lot of money for foreign countries, lobbyists and special interests, while sending the American people what they need,” he said

The House Democrats quickly took advantage of Trump’s demand for checks worth 2$ 000 and announced on Tuesday evening plans to pass a bill later that week

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi responded to the president’s tweet on Tuesday by calling on Republicans for refusing to say how much Trump wanted for the stimulus checks

“Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the president wanted for direct controls. Finally the president 2$ 000 approved – Democrats stand ready to unanimously speak out this week Let’s do it! “Pelosi said in a tweet

Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate minority, expressed a similar sentiment on Tuesday night, aiming for Republicans to have previously 2Had blocked 000 stimulus checks proposed by the Democrats

“Trump has to sign the bill to help the people and keep the government open, and we look forward to adopting more help that Americans need,” Schumer said in a tweet. “Maybe Trump can finally come in handy do and get the Republicans not to block it again “

Democrats will offer the bill during the pro forma session of the House on Christmas Eve, they will get unanimous approval to pass the proposal and will force a Republican to show up and object in person to stop him

It is unclear what the exact language of the bill would be, but Republicans are expected to object and bring them into conflict with the president

Trump ended the speech by suggesting that his administration could be the next administration, despite President-elect Joe Biden defeating Trump in the November election, asking Congress to send him an appropriate bill, otherwise the next would have to be Submit government one that he said “maybe” was his

“I also urge Congress to immediately remove the wasteful and unnecessary points in this legislation and send me an appropriate invoice, otherwise the next government will have to deliver a Covid aid package, and maybe I am and we will.” create, “said Trump

By his remarks on Tuesday, Trump should legally sign the measure so that at least part of the emergency aid can flow quickly.Even if Trump should veto the bill, Congress passed the mammoth measure with enough votes in both the House and the House of Representatives Senate to override this veto

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