The UCLA women’s basketball team is used to dealing with the bare minimum this season as they have a truncated bench with eight players giving or taking but the bare bones took on a whole new meaning after the Bruins had seen the women’s weight room designated for the NCAA tournament

True to the images shared on social media, the women’s teams were given a spartan arrangement with a dumbbell rack and sanitary yoga mats, in the meantime, the men’s teams were given a large room with benches and squats – any equipment that might be required

An effective work environment is essential in any job, but for teams like UCLA, which will play Wyoming in the first round of the tournament on Monday, the NCAA setup didn’t work out

“Different programs do different things for different weight programs,” said senior Michaela Onyenwere. “We may be different from the next team and how we’re going to use this space, but we didn’t even have a choice because we didn’t have the resources because we were an afterthought””

For the Bruins small squad, the weight room isn’t going to affect the postseason regiment too much and also try not to be bothered by the differences in food quality, bag-bag items, and other external factors related to the tournament while they’re playing prepare for Wyoming

UCLA has the No. earned 3 seeds in the Hemisfair region on an overall bid after finishing second behind Stanford in the Pac-12 championship tournament. Wyoming, the No. 14 seed, won the Mountain West tournament as a No. 7 seed and is riding a six-game Winning streak towards the NCAA tournament

It will be the first meeting between the Bruins (16-5) and the Cowgirls (14-9), but coach Cori Close feels well prepared for any situation after the Pac-12 season

“When we started talking about their type of proliferation crime and their movement crime, we could say OK, it’s this way like Colorado, this way like Utah,” she said, “We got on Pac-12 just such great styles of play, but it’s at such a high level that you’re already forced to be exposed to so many things “Related Articles

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McKinley Bradshaw leads Wyoming with 11 points, 5 points per game, and is 33-for-79 from beyond the arc.Quinn Weidemann and Alba Sanchez Ramos also have double-digit averages, with Weidemann clicking 11 ppg and Sanchez Ramos clicking 10. 1 ppg on top of that a team high of 61 rebound per game

Onyenwere is UCLA’s highest scoring player. Her 187 ppg helped give her a 1842 points took sixth place in program history for career points In terms of scoring this season, her charisma follows Osborne (17 ppg, 5) 7 rpg) and Natalie Chou (10 ppg, 43 rpg)

The first-round Bruins game tip is set for 7 p.m. on Monday on ESPN at the Frank Irwin Center in Austin, Texas No matter how small the weight room is or how limited the choice and quality of food is, Close expects her team to stay focused

“What I don’t want is one of the outside things that distracts from this incredible experience that these student athletes worked so hard for,” said Close. “So I look forward to competing to get better and continue to enjoy it with great gratitude ”

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