Howard didn’t make it to the end, however, when he was ejected from Michigan’s quarter-finals of the Big Ten tournament in the second half victory at Lucas Oil Stadium after a heated argument with Maryland’s trainer Mark Turgeon

After 10:44 was still in the game, Howard and Turgeon exchanged their words and had to be separated during a media timeout. Howard had to be held back by the coaching staff when he was hit by two technicians and kicked out of the game, Turgeon also received a technical

According to Howard, the heated exchange started when Turgeon yelled at him for getting out of the coaching box as he walked towards midfield and tried to speak to officials about the game before the break

“My version because there will always be so many versions – my version, his version – but at the end of the day I’ll tell you the truth about how it all happened,” said Howard after the 79-66 win, who Michigan Brings to Saturday’s Big Ten Tournament Semifinals “I noticed that (Galin) Smith made an offensive rebound that was last out of his hands, but the umpires called the ball out of bounds and I think it was her possession i like no so i didn’t see it so i was out of the coaching box and went downstairs to explain it wasn’t smith i mean it’s difficult to communicate when it’s loud and you also got a mask on

“Turgeon saw I was out of the box. He tells the referee he’s looking at my feet, I’m out of the box, and I say,” Come on man we’re doing this today? You’re worried that my feet are no longer in the box? “

Howard and Turgeon clattered back and forth, but their spirits flickered when Turgeon took a few quick steps towards Howard and he insulted it

“He said to me,” Juwan, I will not let you talk to me. You will never talk to me again “and he attacked me,” said Howard. “And that’s exactly where I don’t know how you grew up, but as i was raised by my grandmother and also chicago because i was raised by chicago i grew up on the south side when guys accuse you guys, it’s time to defend yourself especially if a grown man attacks you

“That is exactly where I went into Defense Mode and I forgot exactly where I am because this is not the right way to deal with the situation when you are attacking someone”I didn’t charge him so I responded when he charged me and I responded on defense grounds That’s it words were exchanged and then I was thrown That’s the story”

“I’ve been doing this for 34 years and I called the conference office and called the commissioner about what happened in the first two games,” said Turgeon, unspecifying the problem. “And I said I wouldn’t in the third game create So I stood up for my team, I stood up for myself There is a rumor that I said something about the banner I just said, “Don’t talk to me Don’t talk to me” Nothing about a banner I never resigned Just stood there and said, ‘Don’t talk to me’

“The league commissioner, the league, knew exactly what happened in the first two games and they will handle it from here”I thought I was as professional as I could try to stand up for myself right now, 34 years I’ve got it right, and for Maryland basketball that’s all I’ve done I just stood up for myself and my program and said, “Don’t talk to me,” and it escalated ”

Howard said he never heard from the league office of Turgeon’s concerns after the two regular season meetings between the teams and didn’t feel any friction

During a post-game interview with Big Ten Network, Michigan assistant coach Phil Martelli admitted there was friction in the first game but no issues in the second

In December after the 31st College Park win, there were four technicians in the first half – one on each team’s bench, one on the Turgeon, and one on the freshman center Hunter Dickinson, who bent over Maryland’s bench several times and then stared at him in Jan At a rematch in Ann Arbor, three technical details were assessed in the second half – one against Darryl Morsell, the Maryland security guard, after being angry with a non-fouled officer when he was hit in the face during a layup , and one on both benches

Sophomore wing Franz Wagner and Senior Guard Chaundee Brown both said they didn’t know what was being said.They were both walking the other way and toward the Michigan bank when there was a verbal argument

The Wolverines reacted after being ejected and rattled off a 14-5 run to build a 13-point lead that never fell below six points in the last seven minutes

“We just knew we had the game under our belt and basically we just wanted to do this for him,” said Brown. “We know he always has our back and we have his back”

“How to deal with situations like this in adverse moments now, I can’t let your emotions bring out the best in you,” said Howard. “I love the way our boys have supported their coach because they know that I will always support them. But I will always take responsibility when I am wrong and admit when I am wrong. That is not the right way to deal with this situation ”

During an interview on BTN, Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren said the incident has been reviewed and there will be no further action after Howard’s ejection

Senior Guard Eli Brooks returned to the starting line-up after a left ankle injury in the regular season finale last weekend in Michigan state

According to Howard, Brooks was a game-time decision and did not practice leading in Friday’s game. He finished with 16 points and made four 3-points in 36 minutes

“I think those couple of airballs are telling the guys that I haven’t told you a story or I’m not telling you the truth about Eli hasn’t practiced,” Howard said. “While his teammates have been focusing on this for the past few days Having prepared the game, he had no rhythm. I tried to limit him to a minute, but Eli is a competitor. He is a warrior. He finds out. We just need more elis like this one in basketball because this kid is special ”

… Senior striker Isaiah Livers played a season low for 15 minutes and was goalless in 5-0 shooting, with four of those shots coming from 3-point range, making it the first time Livers had finished a game without a point since Michigan Had lost two seasons to Texas Tech

“He was doing his best for the game, trying to influence the game in every possible way,” said Howard. “Now we’re going to do our best to watch the movie and see what’s best for Isaiah help to be ready for the next game “

Juwan Howard

World News – USA – Juwan Howard of UM and Mark Turgeon of Maryland differ in this, which has led to a heated exchange